“Ammonia Suit” for Rescue Unit Protects Skin from Burns (Nov, 1938)

“Ammonia Suit” for Rescue Unit Protects Skin from Burns

To protect firemen and rescue squads from irritating and dangerous gases, a combination suit and mask enveloping the entire body is provided. One of the most commonly encountered irritants is anhydrous ammonia, used extensively in commercial refrigeration, which can burn the skin in a very short exposure. The “ammonia suit” is made of rubberized airplane fabric, tested to prove it will shut out the gas. The trousers have feet attached, and fit well up to the armpits; the blouse has a drawstring at the waist, the blouse, hood and mittens being one piece. The mask, with breathing apparatus and fogproof eyepieces, is built in the front of the hood.

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