An Electric Massage for Milady (Dec, 1932)

While this sounds like a vibrator, it actually just electrocutes “Milady” with a pair of spoons.

An Electric Massage for Milady
MILADY’S complexion will benefit immensely from an application of “juice” from this little massaging device. There’s no danger of shock, and the complexion will not suffer a charring from the current, so it’s all quite safe. The only parts needed are: Four or five dry cells, preferably new and fresh; a short length of bell wire, two silver spoons and some tape. The hook-up of all this equipment is shown in the accompanying drawing. Note that the handles of the spoons are insulated with windings of tape, so that all danger of a jolt is eliminated. Apply the spoons to the face as illustrated in the drawing, patting them gently so as to get full benefit from the sparking. If need be, the operator can wear rubber gloves.— Walter Menyhart.

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  1. Wade George says: March 25, 20086:36 pm

    Considering what all other massagers were used for back then I find this VERY SCARY!

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