An Open Letter To All Young Fellows (Jan, 1932)

I’m not even going to attempt transcribing this. If someone wants to, please feel free to post it in the comments.

An Open Letter To All Young Fellows
H. C. LEWIS. President

COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL, Dept. “‘3* 500 So. Paulina Street, Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mr. Lewis: I want to get ahead. Send me your Free book.

  1. -+- SteG -+- says: May 25, 20114:44 am

    I wonder if you are on the right track and feel you have selected the road that leads to a definate goal, Confident of the future and sure that the years ahead will bring you all the things you ever wish-ed for. If you have selected your life’s work and are sure you are working towards a successful career, then i want to con-gratulate you and you won’t need, or wont be interested in the rest of this message. But, if you havn’t, if you cannot see a definate future offering success, happiness and prosperitry in the years ahead then you need everything in this message. What you do in the next year or so is going to a great extent, decide your future. You may have got-ten an education and still fail if you lack special-lized training, or you may not have gotten a high school education and still make a success with specialized training just as thousands of others ahead of you have done. ELECTRICITY offers a young fellow untold opportunities to get in-to big paying jobs. There all many fellows who call themselves elec-tricians who are just getting by. BUT, my friend the lack the necessary knowledge for success. There are many branches of electricity, but to get ahead you must know all because they are so closely releated to each other. Here at my school i train you by an AMAZ-INGLY EASY method. I train you on actual elec-trical machinary without books and not by cor-respondance. I train you on door bells, burglar alarms, signal systems, home wiring, armature winding, motors, generators, Radio’s, automobiles, and the electrical work on airplances. I want to tell you all about this and about my employment department. how you can earn while learn-ing and lots of other things you’d like to know if you want to get ahead. MAIL THE COUPON TODAY AND I’LL SEND IT TO YOU sincerely, H.C.Lewis.

  2. Charlene says: May 26, 20115:31 pm

    Translation: WHARRGARBL

  3. jayessell says: May 26, 20116:01 pm

    Dear Science and Mechanics Ad Department:

    Please print my ad exactly as I’ve written it.

    If there is even the smallest error, I shall demand a complete refund.


    H.C. Lewis

    {Bill, don’t bother typesetting the Lewis ad. Do it as a plate.
    Let’s see him find an error in THAT! Editor}

  4. Jason says: June 16, 20118:54 pm

    Still in business, still offering electrical programs! http://www.coynecollege…

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