Ancient Pirate Gun Is Reclaimed from Sea (Jun, 1934)

Ancient Pirate Gun Is Reclaimed from Sea

Weighing 150 pounds and resembling a cannon more than a firearm, a huge, brass-barreled, portable field piece has been recovered from the sea, where a pirate lost it, and added to a collection of ancient guns in Pasadena, Calif. The gun was one of those used by the pirate, Hippolyte de Bouchard, when he and 400 followers sacked Monterey in 1818. In returning to their ship, the men lost this gun when a small boat overturned. In later years it was recovered by fishermen who saw it on the ocean floor at low tide. Another firearm almost as remarkable is a gun with a very long barrel used by Spanish settlers in hunting. They believed that the longer the barrel, the further the ball would carry, and so used long-barreled guns to kill game at long range. The long gun has an over-all length of about ten feet.

  1. Joe says: January 13, 200911:41 am

    this can’t be true, it’s inpractical. The longer the barrel doesn’t translate into any advantage.


  2. JMyint says: January 13, 200912:17 pm

    Well optimal barrel length is determined by the diametre of the projectile and the speed at which the powder burns. Larger projectiles need longer barrels and slower burning powders need longer barrels.

    The article states the Spanish settlers believed that to massively long barrels would help but in reality after about 30 or 40 inches the barrel was a detriment to range.

    The gun on the right is a common type of piece mounted on small boats and ships rails up until the 19th century.

  3. benvenuto says: January 22, 20091:18 am

    I think the gun on the left is a fake or has been doctored at some stage. I have been studying antique spanish arms for 10 years, I have never heard of or seen an example of a fowling gun with a barrel over 60 inches long. Spanish fowling pieces DID have long barrels though, 44 inches would have been a minimum.

  4. Woof says: May 31, 20097:59 pm

    Its a punt gun used for wildfowling…

  5. -DOUG- says: June 1, 20092:25 am

    “Todd is suggesting I can take a lot of work out of my play by just firing one shot off of the punt gun.” Or at least I THINK that’s what he said.…

    That video is from the ‘Pirate Edward Owens’ hoax, if you know that story. If you don’t, it’s one example of how you can find out about anything on Wikipedia, and some of it will even be true.…

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