Apple Ad: What kind of man owns his own computer? (May, 1980)

Get it? The Apple is a revolutionary computer. Ben Franklin was a revolutionary. Ben Franklin + Apple Computer = Marketing Genius.

What kind of man owns his own computer?

Rather revolutionary, the whole idea of owning your own computer? Not if you’re a diplomat, printer, scientist, inventor… or a kite designer, too. Today there’s Apple Computer. It’s designed to be a personal computer. To uncomplicate your life. And make you more effective.

It’s a wise man who owns an Apple.

If your time means money, Apple can help you make more of it. In an age of specialists, the most successful specialists stay away from uncreative drudgery. That’s where Apple comes in.

Apple is a real computer, right to the core. So just like big computers, it manages data, crunches numbers, keeps records, processes your information and prints reports. You concentrate on what you do best. And let Apple do the rest. Apple makes that easy with three programming languages— including Pascal—that let you be your own software expert.

Apple, the computer worth not waiting for.

Time waiting for access to your company’s big mainframe is time wasted. What you need in your department —

on your desk—is a computer that answers only to you…

Apple Computer. It’s less expensive than timesharing. More dependable than distributed processing. Far more flexible than centralized EDP. And, at less than $2500 (as shown), downright affordable.

Visit your local computer store.

You can join the personal computer revolution by visiting the Apple dealer in your neighborhood. We’ll give you his name when you call our toll free number (800) 538-9696. In California, (800) 662-9238. Apple Computer, 10260 Bandley Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014.

  1. jayessell says: July 22, 20076:33 am

    Thanks again, Charlie!

  2. jayessell says: July 22, 20076:21 pm

    Guys, check out my latest YouTube post!

    My pimped-out Apple //e 20 some years ago.
    I can’t take credit for this, it was a program I purchased.
    (I think I purchased it. It was a long time ago.)…

  3. Michael Grissom says: August 23, 20076:01 am

    I love this! I was Memorex Telex National Tech Support for IBM and Microsoft PC’s since the day they became available until I retired in 1990. The first Apple I ever bought was the blatant Apple rip-off Franklin Ace 1200 CPM with attached 5 meg hard drive. That machine sold me forever on the superiority of Apple and I remained convinced of that throughout my entire PC support career and thus always came home to an Apple. The only complaint I’ve ever had with Apple Computer is that Steve Jobs is a ‘guy’ and I’m straight. DAMN!

  4. Michael Grissom says: August 23, 20076:23 am

    I just submitted this site to Firefox’s ‘Stumble Upon’ and bookmarked it into my top favorites folder. What a fantastic site this is!

  5. SSS says: May 18, 20104:41 am

    In context:

    1. Find a “What kind of man reads Playboy?” ad.

    2. IBM, according to the rumor of the day, was going to be entering the PC market soon.

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