Architect Builds Modern GLASS HOME (Jul, 1936)

This house is just incredibly cool. I wonder if it is still standing. What’s really amazing about the design is that it still looks quite modern. I don’t think that a 40″ Plasma screen would look at all out of place in that living room.

Architect Builds Modern GLASS HOME
THE open spaciousness of a country manor, captured in a 5-story house but 19 feet wide and set in the heart of crowded New York City is the latest architectural miracle to be wrought by the use of glass blocks.

From the outside the narrow structure, designed and built by Morris B. Sanders, architect, is impressively beautiful. Inside all idea of confinement is lost. Through a clever method of arranging the furniture close to the wall an illusion of space is created which is further heightened by the perspective-destroying glass walls. The rooms seem to extend indefinitely.

Recessed shelves, bookcases, and cupboards add to the roominess of the interior. In many cases metal furniture was used.

  1. Jim Dunn says: July 13, 20071:38 pm

    I heartily agree about a plasma looking right at home in this place. I’ve always had a weakness for glass bricks, and this place just gives me chills, it’s so cool.

  2. J Myint says: September 7, 20075:29 pm

    Yes it is still standing at 219 East 49th Street, Manhattan

  3. Vincent T says: February 5, 20089:20 pm

    Yes indeed still standing I think, but endangered.…

  4. Vincent T says: February 5, 20089:24 pm

    The Morris B. Sanders House in Turtle Bay is a rare, authentic, intact, and very early modern house. After a public hearing in October, the building has interim protection, but has still not been designated. (Address: 219 E. 49th St. Built: 1934-35 )

  5. Manoj Kothari says: March 15, 20089:14 am

    As I am very much inspired with glass homes , permits light through and broadness they have.They are open as outdoors.

  6. Matt Postal says: November 12, 20094:08 pm

    The Morris Sanders House has been designated a NYC Landmark.


  7. Peter Brown says: February 17, 201110:27 pm

    Morris Sanders’ house is timeless and even today it does not look a bit dated.
    I’m glad to hear it has been accorded landmark status.

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