Are you in the know? (Aug, 1954)

Are you in the know?

More women choose KOTEX* than all other sanitary napkins

Just met—what’s your chatter cue?
__Take over __Proceed with caution
Maybe you point out another newcomer, and coo: “What a creep! Hope he doesn’t cut in!” He won’t. Neither will the lad you’re talking to—who happens to be the creep’s brother! Lesson: be kind, or be quiet! You can be confident (at calendar time), with Kotex. Those flat pressed ends prevent outlines. And here’s an added worry-saver: Kotex can be worn on either side!

How would you rate this dipper gal?
__Shy __Fun __Dracula’s daughter
For parched gullets, nothing beats a cold draught of aqua, country style—but who wants a cascade down his back? That’s Minnie the Ha-Ha for you. Up to another practical prank. Funny? Ask Pete (of the drenched shirt)! How can Minnie’s victims know that such buffoonery conceals shyness; a need for notice? Being herself is a gal’s better bet. And on “those” days, comfort helps. Remember, Kotex gives softness that holds its shape… doesn’t chafe!

Should a back-to-school shopper be —
__Label-conscious __Loaded with lucre
Budgeteen or million dollar baby—look for labels on togs before you buy! Little tags that tell about shrinkage, fade-resistance; whether a fabric’s sudsworthy or should be dry cleaned. Helps you choose what’s best for you. So too, when choosing Kotex, look for the labels Regular, Junior, Super. Of these 3 sizes there’s one exactly suited to you; gives the complete absorbency you need.

Which of these “steadies” does most for you?
__Romeo & Juliet __ Kotex & Kotex belts __Moon ‘n June
Made for each other — Kotex and Kotex sanitary belts — and made to keep you comfortable. Of strong, soft-stretch elastic, they’re designed to prevent curling, cutting or twisting. So lightweight! And Kotex belts stay flat even after many washings. Buy two … for a change!

  1. Charlene says: March 4, 201110:46 pm

    WTF does any of this have to do with menstruation?

  2. KotexKleanex says: March 5, 20115:23 am

    Having a .

    “Menstruation makes shy and that may be overcompensated with stupid jokes, stupid cues. You’d better use Kotex.”

  3. Kosher Ham says: March 6, 20115:50 pm

    But does it help the PMS symptoms?

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