Articulated Bus Shows to Advantage in Traffic and on Narrow Roads (Aug, 1931)

Articulated Bus Shows to Advantage in Traffic and on Narrow Roads

THE size of the motor-bus seems to be limited only by traffic conditions and the roads over which it is to operate. Finding it impossible to widen the German roads or to thin out traffic, a manufacturer of that country has introduced the articulated bus, which permits the largest of the species to wind its serpentine way through traffic or narrow roads.

In this vehicle the driver’s seat is placed immediately over the front wheels, the bus being jointed behind this point.

  1. EssJay says: September 3, 20097:46 pm

    Surprisingly (or maybe not) there are bus fans out there who love this stuff. A couple of things I Googled up for Chicago, it took about 10 seconds.

    Here’s a short (15 seconds) video of an articulated bus, taped in 2003.

    Recently we had a bad batch of articulated buses in Chicago: CTA pulling 200 articulated buses as safety precaution

  2. George says: September 4, 20099:28 pm

    With only two wheels ahead of the articulation, can it steer going backwards?

  3. Randy says: September 4, 200911:08 pm

    I imagine that the front wheels were rigid with respect to the front frame, and that steering was accomplished by flexing the articulation itself (as in large farm tractors and construction vehicles today). That would not differ frontwards or backwards.

  4. Toronto says: September 5, 20099:28 pm

    Most modern articulated buses I’ve seen are basically a bus and a trailer, with the ‘middle’ wheels being powered. They still have problems backing up, but I think it’s as much a matter of length than anything else.

  5. K!P says: September 6, 20091:46 pm

    eeh around here about evry city bus is articulated, in the middle. don’t know about backing up, cantt remember if i ever saw one do it.

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