Artist Engraves Pictures on Fungus as Novel Hobby (May, 1938)

Artist Engraves Pictures on Fungus as Novel Hobby

ENGRAVING on large fungus plants of the kind commonly found on forest trees is the unusual hobby devised by William H. Foster, Andover, Mass., artist. Delicately cutting the soft surface of his novel medium with the sharp point of a jackknife, he obtains striking effects in contrasting shades of light and dark, as in the remarkable hunting scenes reproduced here. Some of his finished works of art are hung flat on the wall like pictures,
while others are mounted on blocks of field stone for mantel display. The unusual carvings are said to retain their freshness indefinitely. Whenever he needs a fresh supply of material, a trip through the woods with a chisel provides it.

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  1. […] I call an Artist’s Fungus, also known as  Ganoderma applanatum, the artist’s conk. Artists have been drawing on these for many years.  I found some contemporary examples by Corey Corcoran […]

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