ASCII Art – 1948 (Oct, 1948)

This would be a lot of fun without a text editor. One mistake and you have to start over.
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By Paul Hadley
WHILE purely entertaining, doodling with a typewriter gives vent to the imagination and originality of both the experienced and the hunt-and-peck typist. Fill-in pictures are the easiest to “draw” with a typewriter. An example is shown in the flower which is made with the letter X alone. Such pictures, whether a flower or a portrait, are made by using an outline of the subject as a typing guide. This is done by tracing the outline lightly on paper and backing it with carbon paper to type the picture. Caricature or cartoon “drawing” combines letters with symbols as shown in the examples below. Here, half-spacing of the typewriter is required, as in the case of the owl’s beak and feet. The log cabin shows what can be done in drawing a picture in perspective.

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  8. Dawn says: December 3, 200810:47 am

    I am looking for instructions to create pictures using the keyboard. Anyone know where I can find any?

  9. Art says: December 17, 20088:51 pm

    Nothing new. We older ham radio operators using keyborad Radio Teletype (and many of the commercial RTTY operators) would send and receive RTTY art using only the limited, all caps X & O of the BAUDOT keyboard. The best one was the train with the engine, cars and smoke. Others, around Christmas would send the art along with a tune played on the return bell of the system. These would be “saved” to the very early memory system – paper tape – and replayed. A lost art although there are some websites dedicated to this.…

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  18. Brian says: January 28, 20098:44 am

    Interesting. I’ve seen the motion picture of a running man written purly in ascii.

  19. will young says: August 1, 20099:30 am


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  23. […] The concept is not new.    We’ve been using alternative ways to express art for a long time.  I recall when I was a Business Education head that our keyboarding teachers did something along this lines.  Turns out – the concept goes back AT LEAST to 1948. […]

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  25. Firebrand38 says: September 22, 20107:36 am

    That went well. I give up, what is it?

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  27. anna webb says: February 1, 20119:42 pm

    IS there a site I can go to in order to find typewriter art? I use to do it years ago, but have not been able to find anything I can use now a days. If you know a site I can go to, please send me the email address, or even the mailing address.
    Anna Webb

    [email protected]

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