At least Mets’ scoreboard is a champion (Aug, 1964)

I love the snarky headline.

At least Mets’ scoreboard is a champion

The fanciest scoreboard in sports, the 86-foot high, 175-foot long giant beyond the New York Mets’ right-field fence at Shea Stadium requires 28,000 lights and 80 miles of wire. Operated entirely by remote control, it can flash 270 illuminated characters within two seconds of transmission.

Lamps are arranged in clusters to form letters and numbers. They show the score, flash messages, give the name and background of the batter, form words for songs, and make spots of color synchonized with music.

An 18-by-24-foot screen at the top projects slides of the batter, instant TV replay of key action on the field, and movies— to keep spectators from becoming bored should the game be delayed by rain.

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