Atomic Golf Ball (Mar, 1951)

Atomic Golf Ball

IT may not be world-shattering news, but golfers will welcome one of the newest atomic developments once it emerges from the experimental stage. It’s a golf ball that can’t get lost. Minute quantities of radioactive materials are embedded under the cover of the ball so that if you carry a portable Geiger counter, you can locate it even in dense woods. When you’re getting close to the correct location, you’ll know by the signals on your headphones.

Below, Dr. William L. Davidson the inventor lets Lawson Little, famous golf pro, left, hear the tell-tale clicks. At the right, he gives the fairer sex a chance to marvel at modern science.

  1. ann. says: June 29, 20081:42 am

    We are currently developing another new golf ball that, upon landing, releases a dense cloud of chlorine gas, ensuring you’ll be able to find it easily!

  2. Casandro says: June 29, 20083:23 am

    How about putting a miniature atomic bomb into it, as well as neuron detectors everywhere? That way you could quickly detect it’s position.

  3. rsterling78 says: June 29, 20085:59 am

    “…he gives the fairer sex a chance to marvel at modern science.”

    Uh, none of you are pregnant, are you?

  4. JMyint says: June 29, 20087:10 am

    The amount and type of radioactivity was so low as to be stopped by human skin. Much in the same way that the radioactive sources in smoke detectors produce only low energy alpha rays.

  5. Deth says: June 29, 200812:23 pm

    That it’s penetrating through the golf ball’s “cover” and that you can detect it “in dense woods” with 1950’s era geiger-counters tells me that it is most definitely not alpha and probably not beta radiation. I think this is probably a very mild gamma source. Alpha wouldn’t even get through the plastic, and beta would be stopped by almost any amount of material beyond nothing.

    It’s probably not dangerous just sitting there, unless you were around it for a very long time, got a lot of them together, had it very close to your skin for prolonged periods, or it got burned, melted, or somehow ingested.

  6. Rick Auricchio says: June 29, 200812:29 pm

    As soon as there are a bunch of other golf balls on the fairway (or in the rough), your Geiger Counter detects them all.

    So much for that idea.

  7. Torgo says: June 30, 20085:47 pm

    Wasn’t there a alternative rock band called Atomic Golf Ball?

  8. Firebrand38 says: April 30, 200911:42 am

    That post is my argument against eating lead paint.

  9. Al says: April 30, 200912:28 pm

    Amazing the useless crap you can generate using Babelfish… braindamage indeed!


  10. Nick Mondeo says: August 20, 20091:25 pm

    Bad ideas never seem to go away, they just get recycled…

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