Attic-Raised Silk Worms Forecast $100,000,000 Industry (Sep, 1936)

Attic-Raised Silk Worms Forecast $100,000,000 Industry

A $100,000,000 dollar industry, producing nearly a million new jobs, can be brought into the United States with the introduction of silk worm raising, John Ousta, a silk expert from Turkey, believes. As further proof of his claims, he has begun the raising of silk worms in the attic of his home in The Bronx, New York.

At present the United States is importing millions of dollars in raw silk- According to Mr. Ousta, American climatic conditions are more favorable to the raising of silk worm than in either Japan or Turkey. The silk worms he has raised thus far substantiate his claims and produce high quality silk.

  1. Myles says: October 21, 20082:51 pm

    If a 100 million dollar industry provides 1 million jobs – that means each worker on average earns $100 per year minus expenses. I don’t think $8 a month was a good wage even for 1936.

  2. Toronto says: October 21, 20083:50 pm

    Perhaps they were counting the silkworms as employees.

  3. Mike says: October 21, 20085:51 pm

    Obviously this really took off.

  4. Mike Gutman says: October 21, 20088:28 pm

    We were in Shanghai earlier this year, and the Chinese must be pleased that the US didn’t make a “go” of this industry as it forms a big part of their economy.

  5. Torgo says: October 21, 200811:35 pm

    I would hate to move into this house after he left.

  6. John M. Hanna says: October 22, 200810:47 pm

    Ever see the movie “Squirm”?

  7. Wiseone says: March 1, 20098:00 pm

    Just like any industry, it creates jobs OUTSIDE its own industry but are counted as new hires supporting it. Just as the automobile industry created a need for the tire industry or the airline industry creating a need for suitcases or extra taxi service to and fro..
    Liberals usually have a bad habit of looking at thing’s when it comes to economics… as what has it done for me lately?
    As for the first poster, people were dieing of food starvation in the 30’s from the great depression.
    Now that it looks like we are headed into another Depression THANKS OBAMA for your unwise stimulesssss! But you sure are punishing those evil bankers eh? LOL

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