Authorized to save a life… but not to send a bill (Mar, 1930)

Authorized to save a life… but not to send a bill

A CRASH at the corner. A gathering crowd. Somebody hurt. “Take her in there!”… “In there” is the drug store.

The Druggist is not a physician. But because he has been carefully educated in many of the things the physician must know, he is authorized by law to administer first aid when immediate medical attention cannot be had.

He is not allowed to take pay for this. Nor does he want to. It is not his business—the public interest forbids any division of the physician’s burden of responsibility. The Druggist is merely performing one more phase of the endless service that we have come to expect of him. How constantly we use this service How seldom we pay for it even in thanks!

Every community breathes more easily because there is a Druggist at the corner. And there is an added assurance, full of comfort, in the fact that on his shelves are the trusted products of Bauer & Black, America’s foremost producer of sterile surgical dressings—an institution identified these thirty-five years with a high and unbending standard of quality.

Sterile gauze and cotton, adhesive plaster, mercurochrome swabs and bandages—these are only a few of the many invaluable Bauer & Black articles that your physician approves and your Druggist keeps ever ready for your call.

Chicago – New York – Toronto

  1. Hirudinea says: May 20, 201110:43 am

    “mercurochrome swabs”, you can’t get them any more, they contain, as the name suggests, mercury.

  2. John says: May 20, 201110:54 am

    Hirudinea: Yeah since 1998

  3. Toronto says: May 20, 20119:52 pm

    Really? I guess it’s back to ol’ Iodine for me, then.


    We had a bottle of iodine when I was a kid that always impressed me: it had both a 1″ high skull and crossbones on the label AND another cast into the glass on the opposite side of the bottle.

  4. Toronto says: May 20, 20119:54 pm

    Interesting magazine piece, btw. The supplier (B&B) were going to bat for their un-unionized customer/druggists. Good on them, retroactively.

    (If you’re un-unionized, does that mean you’re ionized?)

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