AUTO IDEAS (Nov, 1946)


ONLY THREE WHEELS support the newest car to appear among the current French crop of small, light automobiles. The “Mathis” has a front-wheel drive and seats four—three-in front and one crosswise in the rear. A water-cooled, twin-cylinder opposed engine with dual radiators powers the car to a top speed of 70 m.p.h. More than 100 miles per gal. at 45 m.p.h, is the mileage claimed by the designer.

BABY’S MEALS can be served en route with a new accessory. An ice-cube cooled container stores a bottle until feeding time, when it is warmed by an electric heater that plugs into the dashboard. The “Papoose” is made by C. & C. Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.

A TAPERED SHIM that will compensate for irregular wear on motor bearings is reported to be extending the useful life of old cars. Tapered in thickness from .004″ to .0005″, the feather shim restores full rolling surface to used bearings, reports the inventor and manufacturer, A. H. Blaisdell of Long Beach

RECESSED so that it won’t catch on clothing or bang careless wrists, a new type of steering-wheel spinner is mounted within the rim. Because it lies on a shorter radius, it provides even faster turning than a rim-mounted one. Northwest Tractor & Equipment Co., Minneapolis, Minn., makes it.

  1. Dan says: September 4, 200710:29 am

    Emile Mathis, the French proponent behind the Matford, developed the VL333, pictured above. We had a brief article about it recently at…

  2. Andy Rupert says: November 6, 200811:35 am

    That is such an interesting car! Too bad they never made it into mass production.

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