Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort – AKA “Kiddie Catapult” (May, 1936)

It seems to me that this should be called the “Kiddie Catapult”, because if you’re ever in an accident your child is going to fly right through the windshield.

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort

When the very young members of the younger generation go motoring they may now ride in comfort, thanks to a new auto seat especially designed for infants.

The device is, in effect, a small chair which is placed on top of the regular seat cushion. Side arms give the child support and a convenient footrest keeps small shoes from scuffing the seat upholstery. The seat provides the child with full vision and is said not to come loose or jar out of place. Straps furnish the necessary adjustments.

  1. Daddy Types says: January 10, 20068:33 pm

    Vintage Car Seat Lets Child See Windshield Before Going Through It

    When my mom told me she used to drive around with me lying on the front seat, or on a blanket in the footwell, I used to think those folks were crazy. But now I realize my parents resisted the urge to get one of these seats designed to “give infants …

  2. CincyGuy says: January 17, 20066:45 am

    Gives Infant Comfort… and catapults user through windshield in case of sudden stop or impact. OMG what were they thinking?

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  5. TomCC says: March 4, 20088:56 am

    Seatbelts were deemed unnecessary back then, let alone safety seats.

  6. Eliyahu says: May 26, 20081:48 pm

    This reminds me of the bicycle baby seats that used to be on the market, positioning the child atop the handlebars where they could serve as a living air-bag in a collision. Oy!

  7. Mark says: March 29, 20095:27 pm

    Sometimes I wonder how we survived as a race.

  8. EC says: June 3, 20099:20 pm

    Sometimes I wonder where our sense of adventure went. Life goes on…

  9. Toronto says: June 4, 200912:39 am

    Eli – bike crashes rarely work like that, actually. You tend to hit, and scrap, on your hip and side.

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