Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette (Feb, 1931)

Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette

A NEW automatic device recently introduced by a London manufacturer not only delivers a fag when you put a penny in the slot, but lights it as well. The fag delivered by the cigarette automat is lighted by means of electricity and does the work within five seconds after you insert the penny in the slot. The photo below shows a young lady receiving a lighted cigarette from the machine.

  1. Steve says: August 31, 20088:47 am

    HA HA!! What could possibly go wrong with this?

  2. Eliyahu says: August 31, 20088:54 am

    Perhaps a newer version could be built that would also smoke the cigarette, saving the wear and tear on the smoker’s lungs and body?

  3. Al Bear says: August 31, 200811:44 am

    I’m surprized that even in London, they used improper English, Shouldn’t it read Lit Cigarette and not Lighted Cigarette?

  4. Alan says: August 31, 20083:19 pm

    I do not believe the magazine nor the writer were in London, they were just writing on a machine they read a press release on, the machine just happened to be produced by a London manufacturer, probably.

  5. Absolutejagauar says: September 1, 200812:40 am

    Great idea, would probably reduce the amount people smoked if you had to find the change every time you wanted a fag, and stop your mates poncing one off you.

  6. jayessell says: September 1, 20088:13 am

    As seen in Gomez’s pocket on the old ‘The Addams Family’ TV series.

    In the episode with the Russian guests, one of them accepts
    a cigar he planned to smoke later.

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