Automatic “Prodder” Keeps Driver Awake (Sep, 1948)

Automatic “Prodder” Keeps Driver Awake

Falling asleep at the wheel is just about impossible when an automatic “prodder” is worn by the driver. The prodder consists of an alertness indicator developed at Tufts College of Psychology. The driver wears a headband containing electrodes that measure alertness. When drowsiness sets in and sleep threatens, the electrodes signal to the indicator which sets off a warning buzzer that instantly arouses the driver.

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  1. Stannous says: March 13, 200710:22 pm

    Good idea:
    A gadget that shrieks if a driver begins to doze at the wheel has been developed by Revex of Japan. The firm’s $10 Drowse Prevention Alarm is built into a small earpiece and contains a tilt sensor and an audio alarm. If the wearer’s head tilts forward just 10 degrees, the sensor activates the alarm in case they are nodding off.
    From issue 2594 of New Scientist magazine, 10 March 2007, page 25

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