Baby Cyclecar Speeds at 80 Miles an Hour (Apr, 1923)

Baby Cyclecar Speeds at 80 Miles an Hour

A DIMINUTIVE one-man sport car, said to attain a speed of 80 miles an hour and combining the advantages of larger cars, is equipped with a three-speed transmission and a powerful four-cylinder air cooled engine.

The clutch is controlled by a pedal and gear shifting by a short lever. The transmission drives to a jackshaft and thence by side chains to the rear wheels. Brakes operated by lever act on the rear wheel drums.

The entire car weighs 800 pounds and clears the ground by only six inches.

  1. dculberson says: April 17, 20083:06 pm

    This thing just oozes style. Drips it, all over! Nowadays we get those lame mini-sportbikes. Any self respecting hooligan would rather be seen in this.

  2. Jim says: January 12, 20091:53 am

    I’d love one… Maybe a little more in the styling dept. but a street leagal go kart? How cool is that?

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