Baby Goes for Car Rides in Homemade Armchair (Aug, 1939)

This thing terrifies me, but at least he’s got a seat belt. It’s better than this one, or this one.

Baby Goes for Car Rides in Homemade Armchair
No conventional sling-type infant’s chair for automobile use would satisfy the baby-son of Lester Bresson, of Torrington, Conn., so Father constructed the armchair shown at the left. Made from odd bits of wood, strap iron, and discarded upholstery fabric, the chair rests on a column extending to the floor between the car’s two front seats.

  1. Jim Dunn says: July 13, 20071:34 pm

    Somewhere, I’ve got a picture of a car seat like this, and just like this one, it looks especially designed to catapult the little feller at maximum speed through the windshield when you have a wreck. I’ll try to find it and post it.

  2. Githyanki says: July 14, 20077:36 am

    It appears that the support pole is a spring, so in a sudden stop, or accident, the baby would pivot forward face first into the dash.

  3. Ninjalicious says: August 28, 20071:23 pm

    Is it me or is that one huge baby.

  4. Charlie says: August 28, 20071:25 pm

    Now that you mention it, he does look a bit large. I think I’d go with the “child” classification instead of baby.

  5. Ed T. says: March 10, 20082:39 pm

    Lester Jr. used to be normal sized, but eventually ate his two siblings. Remember, things were rough in the thirties…

  6. Pedro says: August 15, 20086:09 pm

    I remember standing on the front seat between my mom and dad when we took the drive to my uncle’s dairy farm in the early 70’s.
    Yep, times sure have changed.

  7. Dave says: April 4, 20095:44 am

    “Daddy, are there teddy bears in heaven?”

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