Back Seat of Car Makes a Comfortable Bed (May, 1936)

Back Seat of Car Makes a Comfortable Bed

SEDANS of two popular makes are now offered with back seats which can be converted into comfortable beds more than six feet long and over four feet wide. Cushions have been so designed that they can be moved forward and laid flat like Pullman sleeping-car seats to form a foundation for bedding. The foot of the improvised bed extends into the rear luggage compartment, baggage being transferred to the front seat for the night. When not in use as a bed, the car interior bears no trace of its dual function. The car appears to be a standard, conventionally equipped automobile. The convertible car is expected to prove popular with fishermen, hunters, campers, and tourists who want sleeping comfort without the expense of hotel accommodations or the inconvenience of transporting bulky tents and camping equipment. The car also provides the means of visiting and staying in distant regions which have no hotel or tourist accommodations.

  1. Blurgle says: March 28, 20087:03 am

    Yep, very useful for “sleeping”.

  2. fluffy says: March 28, 200810:07 am

    Doesn’t the comfort factor somewhat reduce the thrill of it?

  3. Neil Russell says: March 28, 200811:39 am

    I know Nash was one of the makes, what was the other company that had a bed conversion that the article mentions?

  4. Bob says: March 28, 20081:03 pm

    You are not taking my daughter out on a date in THAT!

  5. sunfish says: March 28, 20081:19 pm

    Seems (from the pictures) that it’s only meant to be used by same-sex couples.

  6. jayessell says: March 28, 20084:44 pm

    ‘Paradise by the dashboard lights’

  7. Jon B says: April 19, 20087:56 pm

    The “other” make would have been “LaFayette”, which was Nash’s low-priced sibling.

  8. Neil Russell says: April 20, 20089:18 am

    Lafayette wasn’t a make, it was a model. Nash didn’t do companion cars like GM

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