BE A MAN Not a Manikin! (Apr, 1924)

What Kind of a Man Are You?

Look Yourself in the Mirror

SUMMER is coming and bathing suits will soon be in style—a man’s figure is exposed to the stares of everyone. What will your friends think of YOURS? Every woman admires a well developed, powerful body, “Skinnies” and “fatties” will be out of luck. But cheer up; YOU needn’t be one of those they scorn and poke fun at! Through my instructions you can take off or put on weight wherever you desire. Muscles that are powerful—yet beautiful and symmetrical— will make you the ADMIRED instead of pitted. By July you can be a PERFECT MAN—strong, healthy, athletic—with a development the whole world will envy.

BE A MAN Not a Manikin!

Quit wishing and wanting and waiting for Health, Strength and a Perfect Physique. Hook up with me and I’ll carve out of your body a mighty, powerful Herculean development with far more energy and strength than you ever dreamed possible. All I require is about 30 minutes’ snappy, play-time exercise a day till summer. Thousands of others, just like you are benefiting by my Course. In fact, many of my pupils are more perfectly developed than some of the physical instructors are. If you have any vigor and vim and vision lose no more time, but get started immediately and develop the Giant within you, so that YOU, too, can be a POWER among men and an inspiration to others.


It’s the greatest muscle building book ever printed. Yes, and it’s Just chock full of large page photos of my pupils and myself. You’ll be thrilled at the marvelous collection of strong muscular giants you’ll see in this book. There’s nothing else like it in the physical culture world. And It’s printed in beautiful Colors, too—and bigger and better than anything of its kind. In addition to the scores of pictures, you are plainly told the secrets for developing Huge, Powerful, Rippling muscles on the outside and have Inner Health and Energy on the inside. The edition is limited. I have only a few thousand copies left, so clip the coupon and send for Your copy Right Now. It will mark the beginning of a new and better life for you.

Everyone who writes me will have an opportunity of securing six large photographs of myself absolutely FREE. Also write at once for full particulars about the big cash prizes, expensive trophies and beautiful Diplomas I am giving away to pupils free this year.

“The World’s Most Perfect Man”
Dept. 416, 96 Fifth Ave., New York City

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