Beautiful and makes beautiful toast! (Jun, 1949)

Beautiful and makes beautiful toast!

On the gift table they’ll praise
this Proctor for its beauty …
on the dining table
she’ll praise it for its skill…
its outstanding ability to make
toast exactly to suit your taste …

a feat made possible by
its wonder-working
Proctor Color Guard.
The swish of a cloth keeps it
shining bright…
and its sliding crumb tray
works so easily, like a drawer.
Fair trade price, $22.00
Federal excise tax included.

To make your toaster gift breath-taking, Proctor Dealers are offering a beautiful tray set, worth $9.95…together with the $22.00 DeLuxe Proctor Toaster, both only $25.95 . . . with the $15.95 Proctor Toaster, both only $19.95.



  1. Darren says: November 27, 20119:39 pm

    Hey I see the subtle hint in this ad, buy the toaster set as a wedding present. Those sneaky advertisers!

  2. Mike says: November 28, 20115:54 am

    I thought it meant the wife should be making toasted sandwiches as soon as she gets married.

  3. Charlene says: November 28, 20117:06 pm

    I was just in Home Depot picking up some screws; they had a Proctor-Silex toaster there for $17.99.

    Of course, it didn’t come with a wedding dress.

  4. Mike says: November 28, 20117:24 pm

    I always thought the one slice slot was a “recent” idea.

  5. slim says: November 29, 20114:23 pm

    My wife and I received a chrome electric percolator as a wedding gift. She hates coffee and I never make more than one cup at a time. I don’t know what ever happened to that thing, but it would probably be a collectable now.

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