Behind his back… they called him “Hal” (Oct, 1932)

Behind his back… they called him “Hal” (and they didn’t mean Hallelujah!)

Nicknaming him “Hal”! Oh, the ignominy of it! Oh, the gross injustice! Where did his friends get that stuff?

Why,… he detested “Halitosis” as much as the fellow who writes those mouth wash ads! He never failed to use a good mouth wash… every morning.

But he overlooked one important fact. Excellent as it is, the morning mouth wash is not always an infallible all-day protector against unpleasant breath. Suppose you eat garlic before calling on your banker … or Limburger before stepping on the dance floor. There are many occasions… after the morning gargle… when the breath needs to be re-sweetened and clarified.

If you want to keep up the good work your mouth wash starts in the morning… eat Life Savers during the day. How those unwelcome mouth odors will SCRAM… and slay scrammed!

LIFE SAVERS Mints are made in 6 delightful flavors
…Pep-O- mint, Wint-O-green, Cl-O-ve, Lic-O-rice, Cinn-O-mon, and Vi-O-let. And the newest taste thrill of all, CHYST-O-MINT LIFE SAVERS… LIFE SAVERS Fruit Drops are made in LEMON, ORANGE, LIME and GRAPE flavors.

  1. Charlene says: November 3, 201110:48 am

    John Held Jr. appears to have never seen a naked lady. What is going on with the second woman?

  2. Hirudinea says: November 3, 20111:48 pm

    Good thing this ad firm never did an ad for deordourant.

  3. Buddy says: November 4, 201110:20 am

    Rather heavy use of ellipses. Probably for dramatic effect to force a pause. Like Using. Full Stops. In Ads. These Days.

  4. GaryM says: November 5, 20114:22 am

    Now we know why he locked Dave out of the ship.

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