Bell Ad: Good Neighbors (Jul, 1936)

When was the last time you actually went to a telephone office to set up service? Nowadays people just call. Of course I could see how that would be difficult if you didn’t have a phone. Also, when was the last time you went into a service office and someone actually had a desk you could sit at? Now it would probably be a person behind a lexan shielded counter.

Good Neighbors
The Bell System serves the whole country, yet it remains close to the people. The people use it. Their savings built it. “It belongs to Main Street.”

The 270,000 employees of the Bell System live and work in your neighborhood and in similar neighborhoods in every section of the country. They are good neighbors. Thousands of times each day and night their activities bring friendly aid to those in need.

To every one—to the newly-weds, to the man in the grand house on the hill or the little lady with the shawl—the Bell System offers the same full measure of service.

And seeks to do it always with courtesy and sympathetic understanding— in the manner of a friend.

  1. Blurgle says: July 3, 20074:31 am

    To set up service with a cellphone, you have to go in person because they have to see your picture ID. Although you don’t go to the phone company per se; you go to the local cellphone store and they negotiate your contract with whatever carrier you choose.

    Of course, this is Alberta, where everything but health care is privatized. You don’t even go to the DMV any more. To get a driver’s license, you go to the private registry office.

  2. Casandro says: July 3, 200710:38 am

    Well in 2002 I inquired how much an X.25 connection would cost, so I walked to the local telephone office. I was offered coffee and talked to a clerk.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: July 3, 20078:41 pm

    I especially like the “Miss Brown” nameplate.

  4. Blurgle says: July 3, 200710:55 pm

    I like her blouse. I keep wondering if the ruffles actually rotate, mesmerizing customers and leading them to buy services they don’t need.

    Then again at this date how many services did the phone company actually have?

  5. nlpnt says: July 9, 20077:28 pm

    Probably just a choice between a wall or a desk phone.

    And yes, for a cellphone, they have desks at the *one* storefront cellphone store I’ve been in. Mall kiosks are MUCH more common though!

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  7. bilbo says: December 14, 20102:23 am

    I actually went to the local telephone office awhile back to inquire about a regular landline phone and the office was filled to the brink with unnecessary employees and I seem to have caught them off guard. They ended up giving me a huge stack of forms to take home and fill out (about 15 pages) to “apply” for a phone even though I had a phone in the previous town I lived in for 30 years. I took a look at the papers and gave up. I still don’t have a phone. And I live in a small town of 2400.

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