Bell System Data-Phone (Apr, 1965)

Few things are as useless to a businessman as information that reaches him too late

When vital business information is tardy, something or someone usually suffers. Production is slowed up. A customer has to wait. A decision is delayed.

Remedy: Bell System Data-Phone* service. Connected with the business machine-virtually any type —it converts data (from punched cards or tapes) into a special “tone” language and transmits it over the same nationwide telephone network you use for voice communications.

The result is an integrated information-handling system. You have facts when you need them. You reduce paperwork and clerical man-hours, serve customers better and coordinate all your operations more effectively.

Data-Phone service is solving problems for many business firms today. To find out more about this service, talk with our Communications Consultant. He’s a trained specialist. Just call your Bell Telephone Business Office and ask for his services.

Bell System American Telephone and Telegraph Co. and Associated Companies

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