Belt Operated by Clock Feeds Aquarium Fish Automatically (Oct, 1944)

Belt Operated by Clock Feeds Aquarium Fish Automatically

FOOD for a week or longer can be fed to fish in your aquarium while you are away on vacation if you lay it out on a belt turning on spools that get power from an electric clock as shown at right. Use a self-starting clock, attach it to a wood base, and connect it to one of the spools with a strong pulley cord. Press a grooved turning on the hour-hand shaft for one of the pulleys and groove one spool to make the other.

Be sure the spools turn as freely as possible. Light drill rod or big knitting needles cemented into the spool holes will serve as axles. Make the belt of light cloth, preferably with a rough inside surface.—Charles T. Pearson.

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  1. Bill Thompson says: January 24, 20137:40 pm

    What an ingenious idea! Stuff like this is what made America great. The heck with going on vacation — I’d use this all the time just to see it in action!

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