Big Bee-hive Gets Water From Air (Jul, 1934)

Big Bee-hive Gets Water From Air

AN ODD “drinking water fountain” in Europe acts as a giant artificial spring, condensing the moisture of the air.

The thick brick walls keep the inside of the stone structure at a lower temperature than the outside, so that moisture condenses on the thousands of stone slates.

  1. Steve says: July 28, 200811:38 am

    Oh, Its in EUROPE… that should make it easy to find.

  2. Neil Russell says: July 28, 20081:08 pm

    If it’s the one I think it is, it’s in Trans en Provence in France and is still there today, the downside is that it never has made more than 5 gallons of water a day.

    Although I have always thought that with a more precise design and maybe some electrical chilling inside to encourage the production of condensation, they should be able to get that number up to 8

  3. Bob says: July 28, 20082:19 pm

    Steve, they did say it was near the Med, cuts the search area way down.

  4. Neil Russell says: July 28, 20086:55 pm

    It’s called Le Puits Aerien and here’s a pic:…

    Just Google (or Cuil now I suppose) “Trans En Provence” on the map and you may see if from above.

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