Bike Keeps Family in Stitches (Oct, 1939)

Bike Keeps Family in Stitches

CARRYING four persons and a sewing machine, the world’s weirdest bicycle recently had a tryout in Chicago, Ill. The two-story vehicle, known as the “Goofybike,” is the creation of Charles Steinlauf. It carries the whole Steinlauf family. The inventor rides at the top and guides the contraption by means of a huge automobile steering wheel. Mrs. Steinlauf sits below, operating a sewing machine, while her son pedals behind and her daughter rides on the handlebars in front. When the odd vehicle is at rest, the projecting legs of the sewing machine prevent the lofty cycle from tipping over.

  1. Al Bear says: July 10, 20087:28 am

    It should read, Bike PUTS family in stiches

  2. Blurgle says: July 10, 20083:08 pm

    Stitches, casts, Ace bandages…

  3. CATHLEEN says: July 10, 20083:51 pm

    it looks like a reenactment of the aristocrats!

  4. Torgo says: July 10, 20084:50 pm

    I’m most impressed that the wheels and tires can hold that up.

  5. Jaber says: July 11, 20085:56 am

    In stitches, bandages and casts.

  6. Rick Auricchio says: July 11, 200811:33 am

    Ooh! Cirque du Soleil!

  7. StanFlouride says: July 12, 20086:00 am

    The center of gravity looks way off. Wouldn’t mom’s weight pull the bike to its left?

    The Steinlauf’s were known for their eccentric bicycle creations:

  8. Joey O'Neill says: July 13, 20084:37 pm

    It looks like the boy could use some more time on the bike.

    What was with these all these “wacky” stories in the 1930s? Sure, times were tough and people were looking for diversions but heaps of them were just pointless and stupid like this. What’s the significance of mum doing sewing?

    Poland was being crushed under the Nazi jackboot while this issue was being prepared and we get the zany Steinlaufs?

  9. Charlie says: July 14, 20088:39 am

    Joey O’Neill: Gotta fill the pages somehow.

  10. Hapto says: July 16, 20088:40 pm

    @StanFlouride — the sewing machine with the cast iron tredle-power and table probably weighs about the same as she does.

  11. Elliot Bedwin says: July 18, 20087:12 am

    Now that’s what I call a sweatshop! Eat your eat out >insert pretty much any sports shoe manufacturer here<!

  12. sweavo says: August 6, 20081:36 am

    You can see it at 4:30 on…

  13. phil says: August 14, 20088:31 am

    it expalins where my wife buys these socks from

  14. Boob Biter says: September 15, 20081:21 am

    Photoshopped – the pixels are all wrong

  15. sweavo says: September 15, 20082:23 am

    in that case, BB, hats off to the person who also photoshopped the youtube vid.

    maybe they just got a job lot of pixels for cheap and decided to use them up.

  16. Charlie says: September 15, 20089:09 am

    14: You are a Genius! You’re the first person to realize that I actually created all 4,852 posts in Photoshop.

  17. Custom Cycling Socks says: October 28, 20085:46 pm

    LOL…kinda like a sweat shop using family members.

  18. BAW says: October 30, 20082:20 pm

    Are their Steinlauf descendants in Chicago still and are they still making freakbikes?

  19. phylis stitches says: November 10, 20082:59 pm

    weird, weird, weird….

  20. Morgan says: September 30, 200912:40 am

    I actually saw a youtube video of this family a year ago. I wish I could find it again, it was really cool…


  21. sweavo says: September 30, 20092:45 am

    see comment 12 is that it?

  22. toddcohn says: May 13, 20185:28 am

    My wife’s grandfather was one of the Steinlauf bike brothers. Would love to know where they are today!

  23. toddcohn says: May 13, 20185:33 am

    @Joey O’Neil we’ve often asked ourselves the same question. I was glad I asked and I’m glad you asked too. All the the Steinlauf bike brothers were born in Tiktin, Poland. They were using proceeds from their zany bikes to try and bring over their family from clutches of the Nazis. They frequently sent money, clothing, and other much needed supplies to their family that were eventually murdered by the Nazis. You would be heartbroken to see the letters that we still have that relatives trapped in Nazi occupied Poland sent pleading for help.

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