Black Spray (Dec, 1947)

Black Spray
of carbon is blown into the face of this industrial worker to test the efficiency of a respirator incorporating a revolutionary new dust filter. The mask was developed by the American Optical Company to protect laborers exposed to microscopic poisonous and disease-producing
dusts smaller in diameter than 24 millionths of an inch.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: February 2, 20092:00 am

    So do they cut open the poor guy’s lungs to see whether any of that carbon got through?

  2. fluffy says: February 2, 20093:32 am

    It seems like there should probably be a better way to test an air filter than by just strapping it to a guy’s face and subjecting him to bronchiole-clogging toxic particulate.

  3. Chris Radcliff says: February 2, 20091:10 pm

    They better hope the guy giving the test doesn’t realize he’s the control. “What do you mean, we only made one test mask? What am I wearing?”

  4. slim says: February 2, 20094:11 pm

    I smell a publicity stunt.

  5. fluffy says: February 2, 20095:16 pm

    I love how in GMail, my “comment post” notifications for this story come with an ad: “dangerousNEGRO – – Empowerment Apparel The Style’s In The Message!”

  6. Mike says: February 2, 20097:57 pm

    If he doesn’t coke to death the mask works!

  7. Dave says: March 31, 200912:40 am

    He’s just lucky he wasn’t in the asbestos queue.

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