Build a Blow Torch from a Vacuum Sweeper (Jan, 1932)

Blow Torch from Vacuum Sweeper
AN INGENIOUS Los Angeles mechanic has made a handy blow torch from parts of a discarded vacuum-sweeper. He has assembled the motor and turbine with a simple mixing chamber upon an adjustable standard. A large nozzle has been fitted, made from a section of steel tubing. The drawing at the right gives details of its construction.

The sleeve on the mixing chamber regulates the amount of air required through a diamond-shaped opening. The correct length of the nozzle determines the efficiency of the flame, and this is worked out by experiment. Note the electric cable and convenient switch; also gas control and adjustable standard. City gas is used.

  1. Stannous says: September 2, 200611:02 pm

    As soon as I find out what ‘city gas’ is my girlfriend’s Dyson is history…

  2. evilpaul says: September 3, 20064:39 pm

    This is a must-build for any backyard SRL wannabe

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