Blows Glass Globe Around Cats (Jan, 1932)

Blows Glass Globe Around Cats
TO WIN a bet, Dick Manley, California glass blower, performed an unprecedented glass blowing stunt. He placed three kittens in a glass tube and within three minutes fashioned it into a perfect 26-inch globe with the kittens inside and unharmed. A small hole admitted air.

  1. fluffy says: July 16, 200610:05 am

    Shades of Bonsai Kitten?

  2. Gregly says: July 17, 200610:35 am

    Um… how did he get the kittens OUT?

  3. Charlie says: July 17, 200611:26 am

    I was wondering the same thing…

  4. hip2b2 says: July 25, 20068:48 pm

    How did he keep the cats from bursting into flames as glass is only fluid at very high tempuratures.

  5. JT says: July 30, 20063:17 pm

    them’s four kittenses!

  6. Minnaloushe says: February 21, 200712:51 pm

    What kind of sicko even makes this bet? “HEY, bet I can blow a suffocating glass ball around a litter of kittens after I place them in a glass tube…” “Bet you can’t…”

    And the kittens lives are never the same…

  7. […] Dick Manley’s father, Dick Manley is the guy who gets a kick out of imprisoning cute little kittens in glass shperes. Three In Family Blow Glass A STREET shop in Los Angeles, Calif., displays glass-blown decorative […]

  8. vasile says: August 7, 20075:59 am

    Do I see four kittens in the globe?

  9. Dr. Weird says: March 28, 20087:20 pm

    Some people just have too much time on their hands…

  10. Test says: May 2, 200812:56 am

    damn I see 4 kittens, this is so funny article

  11. Tim Tracy says: July 15, 200811:24 pm

    And the kittens cooperated with him? Or were they sedated

  12. Anne says: July 16, 20084:18 am

    I’m still wondering exactly how he did this, sedated kittens or not. Sedated would mean extra, awkwardly shaped, weight while trying to blow the glass. Non-sedated would… Well, kittens are quite active.

  13. Ipistemalligest says: February 25, 20094:17 pm

    a wonderful gag

  14. JDT says: December 23, 200912:37 pm

    to get the kittens out, he probably would score the glass all around the circumference and then gently break it in half.
    or just leave them in there, and enlarge the air hole enough to put food in. 😉

  15. darren says: November 14, 20104:03 pm

    How many kittens did he go through until he perfected the technique?

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