Bone Fone (Nov, 1980)

Bone Fone

A new concept in sound technology may revolutionize the way we listen to stereo music.

You’re standing in an open field. Suddenly there’s music from all directions. Your bones resonate as if you’re listening to beautiful stereo music in front of a powerful home stereo system.

But there’s no radio in sight and nobody else hears what you do. It’s an unbelievable experience that will send chills through your body when you first hear it.


And nobody will know you’re listening to a stereo. The entire sound system is actually draped around you like a scarf and can be hidden under a jacket or worn over clothes.

The Bone Fone is actually an AM/FM stereo multiplex radio with its speakers located near your ears. When you tune in a stereo station, you get the same stereo separation you’d expect from earphones but without the bulk and inconvenience. And you also get something you won’t expect.


The sound will also resonate through your bones-all the way to the sensitive bones of your inner ear. It’s like feeling the vibrations of a powerful stereo system or sitting in the first row listening to a symphony orchestra-it’s breathtaking.

Now you can listen to beautiful stereo music everywhere-not just in your living room. Imagine walking your dog to beautiful stereo music or roller skating to a strong disco beat.

You can ride a bicycle or motorcycle, jog and even do headstands-the Bone Fone stays on no matter what the activity. The Bone Fone stereo brings beautiful music and convenience to every indoor and outdoor activity without disturbing those around you and without anything covering your ear.


The Bone Fone was invented by an engineer who liked to ski. Every time he took a long lift ride, he noticed other skiers carrying transistor radios and cassette players and wondered if there was a better way to keep your hands free and listen to stereo music.

So he invented the Bone Fone stereo. When he put it around his neck, he couldn’t believe his ears. He was not only hearing the music and stereo separation, but the sound was resonating through his bones giving him the sensation of standing in front of a powerful stereo system.


The inventor took his invention to a friend who also tried it on. His friend couldn’t believe what he heard and at first thought someone was playing a trick on him.

The inventor was awarded a patent for his idea and brought it to JS&A. We took the idea and our engineers produced a very sensitive yet powerful AM/FM multiplex radio called the Bone Fone.

The entire battery-powered system is self-contained and uses four integrated circuits and two ceramic filters for high station selectivity. The Bone Fone weighs only 15 ounces, so when worn over your shoulders, the weight is not even a factor.


The Bone Fone was built to take abuse. The large 70 millimeter speakers are protected in flexible water and crush resistant cases. The case that houses the radio itself is made of rugged ABS plastic with a special reinforcement system. We knew that the Bone Fone stereo may take a great deal of abuse so we designed it with the quality needed to withstand the worst treatment.

The Bone Fone stereo is covered with a sleeve made of Lycra Spandex-the same material used to make expensive swim suits, so it’s easily washable. You simply remove the sleeve, dip it in soapy water, rinse and let the sleeve dry. It’s just that easy. The entire system is also protected against damage from moisture and sweat making it ideal for jogging or bicycling.

The sleeve comes in brilliant Bone Fone blue-a color designed especially for the system. An optional set of four sleeves in orange, red, green and black is also available for $10. You can design your own sleeve using the pattern supplied free with the optional kit.


Several people could be in a car, each tuned to his own program or bring the Bone Fone to a ball game for the play by play. Cyclists,

joggers, roller skaters, sports fans, golfers, housewives, executives-everybody can find a use for the Bone Fone. It’s the perfect gift.

Why not order one on our free trial program and let your entire family try it out? Use it outdoors, while you drive, at ball games or while you golf, jog or walk the dog. But most important-compare the Bone Fone with your expensive home stereo system. Only then will you fully appreciate the major breakthrough this product represents.


To order your Bone Fone, simply send your check or money order for $69.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling to the address shown below. (Illinois residents add 5% sales tax.) Credit card buyers may call our toll-free number below. Add $10 if you wish to also receive the accessory pack of four additional sleeves.

We’ll send you the entire Bone Fone stereo complete with four AA cell batteries, instructions, and 90-day limited warranty including our prompt service-by-mail address.

When you receive your unit, use it for two weeks. Take it with you to work, or wear it in your car. Take walks with it, ride your bicycle or roller skate with it. Let your friends try it out. If after our two-week free trial, you do not feel that the Bone Fone is the incredible stereo experience we’ve described, return it for a prompt and courteous refund, including your $2.50 postage and handling. You can’t lose and you’ll be the first to discover the greatest new space-age audio product of the year.

Discover the freedom, enjoyment, and quality of the first major breakthrough in portable entertainment since the transistor radio. Order a Bone Fone stereo at no obligation, today.

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