Booze Foe Image Opens Bottles (Sep, 1930)

Booze Foe Image Opens Bottles

THE inventor of the combination bottle opener and cork screw, “Old Snifty,” shown in the photo at the left, must have had a strong sense of humor, for he puts the image of the advocates of prohibition to work at setting the much-hated joy-water to flowing. The nutcracker chin and nose form the bottle opener, while the cork puller projects from the rear. The whole device is made of metal.

  1. Christoph says: December 15, 20103:55 pm

    WOW! Now of someone could come up with something else to add, I don’t know, perhaps like a small blade, it could be worth MILLIONS!

  2. Don says: December 15, 20107:01 pm

    One of these can be YOURS . . . for 40 bux:…

    No, I have no interest in this auction.

  3. Repack Rider says: December 15, 20108:22 pm

    The corkscrew looks uncomfortably placed.

  4. ThunderCat says: December 15, 20108:41 pm

    I like that the article says “‘Old Snifty,’ shown in the photo at the left” when the picture quite clearly shows “Old Snifter”. Good job copyeditor.

  5. Tom says: December 16, 201010:16 am

    TC, it’s quite possible that back in those days the copy editor never actually saw the photograph. The only person who would have seen them both before galleys were presented might have been the compositor who put the plates together. The text would have been reverse and raised, not easy to proof-read. Besides it wouldn’t have been his job to check things. And after the galleys were made it might have been decided that it wasn’t worth the cost to make the two match!

    Desktop publishing with computers is so much better.

  6. GaryM says: December 17, 201010:21 am

    It’s also possible the author used the diminutive form to make it a bit funnier.

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