Bottle-Breaking Machine (Jan, 1936)

Bottle-Breaking Machine

LEGALITY is the mother of invention here. The federal law demands that empty liquor bottles be broken; so a Superior, Wis., inventor built this machine to do it safely, without spreading glass splinters around. It may have entertainment value, too; as the chime of broken glass sounds melodious in merry ears.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 6, 20121:29 pm

    When was this law repealed?

  2. Toronto says: December 6, 20122:46 pm

    I’ve heard of such laws – the intent was to prevent bottles from being refilled with questionable products and resold as the good stuff.

    Nowadays, I have a problem getting rid of broken bottles. I’m not supposed to put broken glass into the recycling bin, but I also cannot throw it in the ‘landfill’ garbage. It certainly won’t compost, either. (My work around is to put it in thick paper such as a liquor store bag and landfill it, despite the rules. That way it doesn’t cut through the bags and/or possibly injure a garbageman.)

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