Broadcasting Station Uses Novel Headset (Mar, 1924)

Broadcasting Station Uses Novel Headset

WDAP, the broadcasting station of the Chicago Board of Trade, located at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, has a couple of novel headsets which are used to test the transmission from any point in the studio.

The set is a combination phone and receiver; the receiver unit is a 50-turn coil, wound on a bakelite tube firmly fastened to the head-hand, and connected to a small crystal detector screwed to a piece of wood spanning the top of the tube. With the headset on, the transmission of the concerts, lectures, etc., can be checked from any part of the studio or instrument room, without the necessity of sitting down at the standard receiving set. The connections are simple, and are shown in the upper detail of the illustration.

  1. Stannous says: April 3, 20074:03 pm

    I wonder if this will filter out the alien voices as well as my aluminum hat…

    I’ll let you know.

  2. Jeffery Wright says: October 23, 20076:06 am

    works great and looks snappy, too!

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