Business Men Commute in Auto Trailer (Oct, 1937)

Business Men Commute in Auto Trailer
Commuting in an automobile trailer, five business men of Newark, N. J., share the services of a single chauffeur to reach their desks in comfort. The commodious vehicle calls for them in the morning and brings them home at the end of the day’s work, thus being made useful during the time when it is not being employed for a vacation or travel cruise.

  1. CTD says: August 10, 20071:16 pm

    Otherwise known as “taking the bus.”

  2. dick says: January 11, 200810:43 pm

    When I was stationed at the Pentagon in the Kennedy era there was this same type of thing going on for the generals stationed at Ft Myers (all the major Army generals had quarters there and they rode to work together – Chief of Staff, Asst Chief of Staff and the rest of them).

    The first day I got there to go to work I walked up the steps right after the generals and a 3-star general held the door for me. I was shocked. I had never even seen a general before in person and I was a lowly PFC.

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