Motor cleaning fluid which is poured into an auto engine through the spark plug openings is said to clean out carbon deposits overnight.

Bottle cap with a new measuring cone permits accurate pouring of the correct medicinal dose without using a spoon or dropper.

Centrifugal water pump powered by 10 h.p. outboard engine is designed for fire fighting, small irrigating jobs, or even for pumping dirty, sand-laden water.

Combination sofa-bed has ash trays and bookshelves built into wide, cushioned arms.

Electric turntable for store windows, powered by small electric motor, runs at 4 revolutions a minute, and costs less than 2 cents a day for power. It will support displays weighing up to 10 pounds.

Radio test leads with interchangeable points permit use of either needle or blunt point when testing radio apparatus.

Grease guns using cartridge refills eliminate messy filling from cans when greasing automobiles. Factory-loaded 1-lb. grease cartridge is slipped into gun. Single gun serves for full greasing operation, since cartridges are interchangeable even when partly empty.

Short-wave tuning oscillator attachable to any all wave radio receiver gives pleasing tuning signal tone to help find distant stations. Signal tone disappears when the switch is thrown, leaving the desired station accurately tuned in.

Electric lighting plants in 300 to 2000 watts capacity provide flickerless 110 volt, 60 cycle current for lake cottages and farm homes. Gas engine, starter, governor, and generator are all combined in one compact unit.

New fisherman’s aidpermits trolling at any depth without the use of heavy sinkers. Sliding weights on the device reverse the action of the troller to bring the fish to the surface after a strike.

Projector for 16 mm. film throws 15×20′ pictures brilliant enough for theater or auditorium use. A 1000-watt light combined with a highly effective optical system makes this exceptional performance possible.

Vertical spindle wood shaper selling at less than five dollars operates from any motor over 1/10h.p., and cuts a variety of bevels, moldings or grooves. The spindle is readily adjusted on the metal frame for a new cut.

Magazine loading razor contains 20 blades; blades are changed instantly when necessary without touching them. The angle of the blade to the handle changes constantly with use, to conform to the contours of the face.

Cigarette package opener slices out small hole in end of package with one movement of operating lever.

  1. Jari says: October 26, 20096:58 pm

    It would have been nice, if the article had more details of all the gadgets… At least some of those are still used today in some form or another.

  2. Charlene says: October 29, 20096:12 pm

    I can’t get the image to load – I get up to “signal tone to help find distant stations…” and the rest doesn’t show up, even after reloading the page.

    Nonetheless, I am amazed at the idea of a bed (convertible or otherwise) with built-in ashtrays.

  3. Firebrand38 says: October 29, 20097:23 pm

    Click on the part you can see and the next larger size will open up.

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