By The Year 2000,The World May Catch Up With The Way CompuServe’s New Electronic Mall Lets You Shop today. (Jul, 1984)

Given that opened in 1995, I’d say they were a bit optimistic.

By The Year 2000,The World May Catch Up With The Way CompuServe’s New Electronic Mall Lets You Shop today.

Introducing the first computer shopping service that brings you convenience, savings and enjoyment Here’s your chance to expand the practical uses of your personal computer.

Sign up for CompuServe and shop in our new Electronic Mall. It’s easy to use It tells you more about the products you’re buying. It lets you order faster. And it’s totally unique CompuServe’s new Electronic Mall ” offers you all these shopping Innovations.

– It’s enormous! So it gives you in-depth information on thousands of goods and services, and lets you buy even hard-to-find merchandise. – Its unique “Feedback” service lets you ask the merchants themselves i specific questions. – It’s incredibly efficient in ordering the products and services you want – Its special discount opportunities make it economical, purchase after purchase. – And its name-brand merchants assure you of top-quality merchandise Make the CompuServe Electronic Mall 15-Minute Comparison Test What you can do in 15 minutes shopping the Electronic Mall way.

• Call up on your computer screen full descriptions of the latest in computer printers, for instance.
• Pick one and enter the order command.
• Check complete descriptions of places to stay on your next vacation.
• Pick several and request travel brochures
• Access a department store catalog and pick out a wine rack, tools, toys… any thing!
• Place your order.

What you can do in 15 minutes shopping the old way.
• Round up the family and get in the car.

The Electronic Mall, a valuable addition to the vast world of CompuServe.

CompuServe’s Consumer Information Service brings you shopping information, entertainment, personal communications and more.

You can access CompuServe with almost any computer and modem, terminal or communicating word processor.

To receive your illustrated guide to CompuServe and learn how to subscribe, call or contact…

CompuServe Consumer Information Service
P.O. Box 20212
5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43220
In Ohio call 614-457-0802

  1. DrewE says: November 15, 20118:59 am

    While circa 1995 may not have been anything near the mall touted here, there were certainly a plethora of reputable online merchants selling a variety of goods before 2000. was started in 1990, and for all I know may have been the first Internet retailer. They were selling music online (via telnet) before the world wide web existed in the wide world outside of CERN…and they are still selling music online (but not via telnet) over twenty years later.

  2. Hirudinea says: November 15, 20119:47 am

    So people were buying crap on the internet even before the internet exsisted? Amazing.

  3. Jari says: November 15, 201111:26 am

    Even before this, Minitel was launched in France in 1982.

  4. Hirudinea says: November 15, 20111:03 pm

    @ Jari – Thats right, we had somthing similar in Canada, check out the link……

    But it was expensive and offered very few services so it kicked the bucket, but I picked up one of the terminals at Goodwill and you can connect over the phone to a BBS (if you can find one. 🙂

  5. Charlie says: November 15, 20114:17 pm

    DrewE » I meant that Compuserve was being optimistic in predicting that their competition would need until 2000 to catch up.

  6. Toronto says: November 15, 20117:23 pm

    Charlie – agreed. 1995 was more than a watershed year, it was a dam buster.

    Hiru – I had an Alex on my desk for a while in the late 1980s – I’d worked in Telidon before that – not on the standards side: I wrote a subroutine library to convert “line(x,y)” to an escape sequence in NAPLIPS, and some low- to medium-level tools (chart pkg, etc.)

    In a universe of, say, C64 and 300 baud level expectations, it was pretty cool, but the terminals were frightfully slow by modern standards. Still, I always liked watching a good graphic “paint” onto the screen. So much better than gifs at 9600 bps.

  7. DrewE says: November 16, 20118:03 am

    Charlie — I was understanding you correctly, and quite in agreement. I guess I wasn’t very clear about that.

    To be fair, I doubt many people (if any) had much of an idea in 1984 how quickly and pervasively large-scale computer networking would be extended to ordinary people in the next decade or two.

  8. Repack Rider says: November 16, 20117:38 pm

    I had my Compuserve account in 1983 at 300 baud.

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