Candy Turtle Party Favors Utilize Walnut Shells (Aug, 1950)

I’m not sure if this is a sign of progress, or a sign that we have lower expectations for our children, but nowadays embedding a toothpick in the middle of candy is considered a big no-no. After all, how could any child resist a clove-raisin-gumdrop-walnut shell turtle?

Candy Turtle Party Favors Utilize Walnut Shells

For something unusual in the way of favors for a children’s party, make these candy turtles from gumdrops, raisins and walnut shells. Press a gumdrop into half of a walnut shell and then stick a toothpick through the exposed portion of the gum-drop along the length of the shell. Allow the point of the toothpick to project slightly so it looks like a tail and impale a raisin on the blunt end of the toothpick to serve as a head. Then press four cloves into the gum-drop to simulate the feet. A number of the turtles can be made up in just a few minutes.—William Swallow, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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