Canned Airplane (Sep, 1947)

Canned Airplane

THE Navy has begun “canning” more than 2,000 surplus carrier and trainer aircraft, to preserve them in near fly-away condition for periods up to five years.

The “canning” process seals the complete planes, with wings folded, in metal containers constructed from 10-foot panels of corrugated steel.

In each “can” relative humidity is kept at 30 percent. Vapor-tight access doors afford entry for inspection, and glass windows allow easy reading of five instruments that indicate temperature and relative humidity.

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  1. Hirudinea says: December 27, 20122:08 pm

    Must need one hell of a can opener! 😉 Anyway it’s interesting that the Navy went to all this trouble of storing these planes, especially the carrier borne ones when you consider that this was the beginning of the transition to jets, all these canned airplanes would obsolete long before their 5 years were up.

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