Carbo-Magno – Bald Heads Rehaired (Mar, 1922)

Carbo-Magno – Bald Heads Rehaired

Do not accept Baldness or other Hair Troubles with resignation. Carbo-Magno stimulates the scalp, nourishes the tissues, and vitalizes the hair bulbs. The head is rehaired by an antiseptic vapor from our patent Hat Sheath, worn in the hat. Enthusiastic letters from men and women, confirm us in our claim that it is almost infallible. If troubled with scalp disorders—write at once for our FREE folder and testimonials.

Price of treatment within the reach of all.
Lock Drawer 538, Norfolk, Va.

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  1. Tim says: March 25, 20093:48 am

    To think they had the cure for baldness back then! So why are we messing around with Rogaine?

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