Carbon Dioxide Causes Global Warming (1932) (Jul, 1932)

Yup, global warming is a just a crazy, new theory.

Carbon Dioxide Heats the Earth
DR. E. O. HULBURT, physicist of the naval research laboratory, Washington, has found conclusive mathematical evidence that the earth’s temperature is being warmed by the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. Smoke stacks emit huge volumes of this gas, which is also found in the breath and waste products of humans and animals.

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  2. […] Turns out, E. O. Hulburt, who was the very first director of the Naval Research Laboratory and is the namesake of the Hulburt Center for Space Research, published a piece on this in the July 1932 issue of Modern Mechanics magazine. […]

  3. Matt says: August 20, 20074:02 pm

    Yup, global warming is a just a crazy, new theory.

    Nope, just an old tired one. Man is pretty
    arrogant to think he either causes global
    warming or could do anything to stop the
    natural progression of our world. He can’t
    stop the warming any easier than he could
    have stopped the icesheets that at one
    time moved across North America. Just
    because man is enjoying this brief window
    of time when the weather is perfect he
    thinks it should stay like this forever.
    Nope, ain’t gonna happen.

  4. Charlie says: August 20, 20074:25 pm

    Wow, Matt, you’ve completely changed my mind! I must say I trust your personal intuition about global warming far more than the opinions of the thousands of scientists who actually study this.

  5. Matt says: August 20, 20077:09 pm

    That’s OK Charlie. You listen to the naysayers and I’ll side with the other thousands of scientists who understand the natural progression of our environment. God knows those naysayers aren’t making any money from their dire predictions. You know, grants to continue their “studies”. Maybe when you guys finish turning the atmosphere around you can start on a program to stop the sun from burning itself out. Then another one to stop the hole in the ozone layer from fluctuating, maybe change the times the tides come and go. Then you can move on to lubricating the tectonic plates to the stop earthquakes. When thats done how about cooling down the volcanaos to stop them from erupting.

  6. Bill says: October 5, 200712:00 pm

    I think you’re both right. True the earth does change from time to time, the weather patterns are changing from what they were years ago, but we are not helping matters much by putting so much crap into the air and waters. Anybody that says all the pollutants coming from steel factories and coal power plants doesn’t hurt anything is obviously ignorant to common sense. The sky is black, that can’t be helping anything.

  7. Luke says: December 2, 200710:29 pm

    The point being made Matt is just because there is a natural progression in the Earth’s warming that may be occurring, why does that justify an increased pace attributed to the ignorance of men? No one here is denying the fact that there is a natural progression in the earth’s temperature, but in the short period you have been granted to live, whether it be through evolution or through God, it is you not the men who attempt to preserve the life man has known for thousands of years that should be perceived as arrogant should you choose not to preserve the Earth’s natural course (a steady not accelerated increase in temperature that is).

  8. Lover of Life says: January 24, 20083:38 pm

    Notice how “Matt” argues like a lawyer. He clearly stands on one side and will grab at anything to defend his position. This is the most common characteristic of a person, employed by various outfits, out to spread disinformation. Climate change causes business concerns for these outfits (oil companies) and they will stop at nothing to spread deception. Be aware of this characteristic and point it out for the sake of enlightening others. For those of you who still philosophize evil. You have now seen it. These people will steal the future of life for personal gain.

    Climate change is an opportunity for secure prosperity. We can prevent sacrifice, if we put our minds to work. Don’t waste your precious time.

  9. Russ says: February 2, 200810:52 pm

    Wow.. Matt obviously stirred the pot here. “Lover of Life” even stooped to call Matt’s post EVIL…

    Have you noticed that anyone with an opinion that differs with the THEORY of Global Warming is ridiculed, silenced and even attacked personally–called names and made to appear uneducated or even, Evil?

    When did science give way to name calling?

    I don’t think Matt has anything to personally gain by his argument. Let me tell you who stands to gain from Global Warming: The United States and the United Nations. How? Allow me to explain:

    Africa is a largely under-developed nation, without electricity in most parts and therefore without water purification or industry. Because of the economic state of most African nations, foreign interests have been able to name their own price for Africa’s natural resources (such as coal, oil, natural gas, industrial diamonds, precious and semi-precious metals, etc.) as a boon to the economies of that region. How do you keep Africa in the dark so you can continue to rape them for their resources? Keep them from ever industrializing by placing a moratorium on the development of fossil-fueled power plants for power generation in the name of Global Warming Awareness–keeping them from producing anything that will boost their Gross National Product by any other means than the bargain-basement sale of their precious resources.

    Think about who benefits from Global Warming next time Al Gore smiles into the camera and tells you how he is saving the world from itself…

    Who will save the world from people like him?

  10. Cobweb says: February 5, 200812:12 pm

    Have you noticed that anyone with an opinion that differs with the THEORY of Global Warming is ridiculed, silenced…
    Even if this was true, it would not be a proof they are right, anyway.
    It’s not a matter of personal kindness.
    Only facts deserve attention.

  11. jayessell says: February 5, 20081:21 pm

    Wasn’t fly ash (waste from burning coal) and volcanic debris found to cause Global Cooling?

    It reflected infrared energy into space.

    We can have global cooling whenever we need it.

    Instead of dust in the air, my idea was to have millions of 10 foot Mylar balloons at 20 miles above the earth.
    Maybe they could use solar power instead of Helium!

  12. Gagliardi says: February 22, 20088:08 am

    It’s obvious that we were able to avert global warming once before. After this 1932 warning, we had a global cooling period from the 40’s through the 70’s. (Those old enough will remember scientists’ warnings of the impending ice age.) So, what did we do to avert global warming in the 30’s? Let’s do it again! Unfortunately, confronted with this cooling period, UN “scientists” have claimed our understanding of global climate (i.e. existence of the cooling period) was flawed, and we know much more now. So that must mean this 1932 article is flawed, right? Previous trends have gone the way of the Medieval Warm Period, which was “scientifically proven” to have warmer temperatures than today–that is, until that period clashed with UN research, and “scientists” revised the data to create lower temperatures for that period. You see, that’s my problem with “global warming” and the UN “scientists”. If the data doesn’t support their desired conclusion, these “scientists” manipulate the data to fit their notions. It’s hardly science. It’s politics.

  13. JVamp says: June 29, 20082:02 pm

    Yes the planet is warming. Last time it was warmer than this, they grew grapes in England, and herded domestic animals in Greenland, as the ice melts, it is exposing these old livestock yards. Along with the earth, Jupiter has formed another “eye” which modeling has traced to higher temperatures there as well. Long term surveys of Jupiter and Mars also point to higher surface temperatures over the last few decades. I am not sure what we are doing here that influences the surface temperature of the sun, but we have to quit it… now!

    I agree that it would be nice to mitigate long term temperature gains since we are all relatively comfortable with where we live, where our food grows, and where fresh water is located. While I am sure that humans have some secondary part in warming (on earth at least), it is not a bad idea, through human intervention, to stabilize the planet climate for our own selfish reasons.

    So I am somewhere in the middle. I don’t believe that we are to blame for any significant increased surface temperature of the planets in the solar system, but I do know that fossil fuels are not being created as fast as we burn or mold them in to everyday items. It is a resource that we would like to pass on to our grandchildren in order to give us more time to developed truly alternative sources to crude. While we may be able to charge cars with electricity from nuclear and other sources (or create H2 for transportation from those same sources), we need oil for all those other things that electricity cannot produce (like all that stuff you own).

  14. It’s News to Me « steve sharp says: November 25, 200910:33 pm

    […] Modern Mechanics 1932 […]

  15. BButtski says: January 7, 20106:57 am

    Its funny how the science of whether global warming is always “settled” by the IPCC report. The “correlation” between temperature and higher CO2 levels is shown as proof of the process. A similar “proof” might be that cell phone use is higher than ever before and must be contributing to global warming. The real science points to:

    The sun heats the earth and its intensity varies over mysterious cycles causing ups and downs in global temperature.

    The global temperature drives the level of CO2 released or absorbed by the oceans.

    CO2 levels are a result of this process and cannot be shown to causes changes in the temperature records of the distant past or the present.

    The global warming argument would be laughable if the stakes for and against legislation were not so high.

  16. blokeice says: January 7, 20108:48 am

    yes these cycles are so mysterious that we have fully mapped them out and can accurately predict the sun’s cycles. Also, if the earths temperature were rising due to ocean C02 emmisions, all of the carbon dioxide in the oceans would have been released thousands if not millions of years ago by this same vicious cycle of co2 from the oceans increasing the earths temperature which further increases the earths temperature. The increase in temperature attributed to global warming roughly corrolates with various events in human history (eg. the industrial revolution). To attribute this increase in temperature to ocean C02 release is ridiculous. As for the corolation of CO2 to temperature being like cell phones causing global warming, there is no reason why cell phone use would raise the earth’s temperature. Whereas with carbon dioxide and other green house gasses, it is bery easy to show that carbon dioxide molecules can trap more heat than the other componants of the atmosphere, thus a net increas in carbon dioxide as has been seen in recent years would lead to a net increase in the atmosphere’s ability to trap heat which in turn would increase the earth’s temperature.

  17. blokeice says: January 7, 20108:53 am

    “Then another one to stop the hole in the ozone layer from fluctuating, maybe change the times the tides come and go.”
    Wow you are actualy saying that the hole that used to be in the ozone layer was not caused by CFCs. If this is true explain to me how the advent of CFCs roughly corolates with the deterioration in the ozone layer, and their bann coincides with the time when the ozone hole began to recover. As for saying that it fluctuates, THE OZONE HOLE HAS ONLY HAPPENED ONCE a sample size of ONE does not provide sufficient grounds for saying that someting is a cycle. That would be like saying that because it rained last saturday that it must rain every saturday and that anyone who says otherwise is going against strong scientific data.

  18. Jeff says: July 5, 20104:09 pm

    “Nope, just an old tired one. Man is pretty
    arrogant to think he either causes global
    warming or could do anything to stop the
    natural progression of our world.”

    We sure created a whole in the ozone layer with CFC’s at 1 part per Billion…

  19. guest says: March 9, 20112:35 am

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    With greatly expanded global fresh water distribution, arid lands could be cultivated resulting in a huge abundance of global food supplies. The most conservative estimate is that with the construction of the Trans Global Highway, the planet will be able to feed several billion more people, using presently available modern farming technologies. With the present global population of just under 7 billion people and at the United Nations projection of population increase, the world will produce enough food surpluses to feed the expected increased population for several hundred years.

    Thomas Robert Malthus’s famous dire food shortage predictions of 1798 failed to take into consideration modern advances in farming, transportation, food storage and food abundance. Further information on the proposed Trans Global Highway can be found at www.TransGlobalHighway…. .

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