Carries Own Grass 200,000 Miles (Feb, 1930)

Carries Own Grass 200,000 Miles

WHEN Charles Miller, of Portland, Oregon, found the wanderlust too much for him in spite of his love for the old home, he decided to see the world and carry his home right with him, too. So he built a complete bungalow on the chassis of his car—not even forgetting to put in a nice bit of lawn. Then he started out and since starting he has traveled over 200,000 miles and isn’t through yet. Mr. Miller claims to have the only motorized house and lot in the country. The “lot” consists of a narrow strip of earth and turf.

  1. Charlene says: June 30, 20119:37 am

    So you could say that he was On the Road Again?

  2. Toronto says: June 30, 20119:53 am

    Cheech and Chong had a van with grass, too.

  3. Hirudinea says: June 30, 201111:19 am

    @Toronto – When I read the title I thought it was about drug smuggling, boy was I disapointed!

  4. dave says: June 30, 201112:43 pm

    Seems like a pretty small pad. Where did he store the lawn mower?

  5. asdfsa says: June 30, 20116:37 pm

    What a coward. The house should be burned down for not paying state taxes

  6. John says: June 30, 20117:21 pm

    asdfsa: Not paying taxes? Hey genius, where did you read that?

  7. Mike says: June 30, 20117:26 pm

    John, I am actually shocked by asdfsa’s suggestion.

  8. John says: June 30, 20119:20 pm

    Mike » He was either not held enough as a child or maybe held too long!

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