Cars Behind the Iron Curtain (Apr, 1956)

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Cars Behind the Iron Curtain

Here are the new autos Russia and satellites are building—Detroit has no cause for alarm.

ZWICKAU P 70 assembled in the East German Audi plant has 2-cylinder. 2-cycle, 22-hp engine. Claimed top speed is 62 mph. Gas consumption 33 mpg. Car features Duroplast body and pan-carried spare tire which automatically drops when the lock is turned. Trunk is also accessible inside car.

SKODA 440 is the latest auto to be produced in Czechoslovakia. It has a reputed top speed of 71 mph and supposedly runs 39 miles on a gallon of gas. A 4-cylinder engine rated at 40 hp operates the auto.

MOSKVICH is a new all-steel Russian auto which will soon be built in Moscow. It has such nobby innovations as directionals and a radio. Reds claim four-seater goes 45 miles on a gallon of gas, does 65 mph.

MODEL 72, another Russian vehicle, was designed for the most rugged terrain and comes with four-wheel drive, low pressure tires with special grip tread. Shown climbing roadless hill, it is made at Gorky.

POLISH SIREN was put into production this year. It has an air-cooled, 2-cylinder, 27-hp mill. 37-mph speed.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: December 23, 20089:23 pm

    But it doesn’t include the Trabant!…

  2. sporkinum says: December 24, 20083:19 am

    One of the last TopGear episodes featured “commie” cars. Quite amusing. Most of them were complete turds.

  3. jayessell says: December 24, 20081:49 pm

    What did Stalin and Kruchev drive?
    Rolls Royce or BMWs?

  4. Toronto says: December 24, 20082:02 pm

    Stalin and Kruchev likely had Zil limos. BMW wasn’t into luxurious cars in the Stalin era, was it? Unless you count the 600 (http://www.microcarmuse…)

  5. nlpnt says: December 24, 20085:13 pm

    The P70 seen on the first page was the precursor to the Trabant; the first Trabant came out in 1958/59, it was facelifted to the iconic shape in 1964, and then….East Germany stopped funding its’ auto industry and that was it for development.

  6. Paul Bellefeuille says: December 27, 200810:10 am

    Stalin and Kruschev rode comfortably in Zil limos that were knock-offs of Packards.
    There is a page on that shows you all the various Soviet Zils and how close they resembled Packards..however, parts are not interchangeable

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