Every time Sid Smith makes a stroke of his pen, mil-ions of people laugh. Every laugh means money for the man who creates it. Andy and Min earn big money for Sid Smith every day.

Illustrating and cartooning are paying men like Briggs, Smith, Fontaine Fox and J. N. Darling from $10,000 to $100,000 a year. You may have ideas that are equally good. Let Federal training develop your talent and give you the skill to put your ideas on paper.

GET THIS FREE BOOK Write today for a free copy of the book. “A Road to Bigger Things.” Send 6 cents in stamps to cover postage. It tells of opportunities in the art world and explains the Federal Course of instruction under 60 of America’s eading illustrators and cartoonists. Mention your age.

Federal Schools, Inc.

334 Federal School Building Minneapolis, Minnesota

  1. Myles says: January 28, 20101:57 pm

    Or, you could become a best selling author, they make good money too. Bad proof reading on this one as they forgot the “l” in leading.

  2. /\/\ike says: January 28, 20104:24 pm

    Unfortunately by 1929 his cartoons had degenerated into gag ads for the likes of “Dainty Maid” feminine hygiene products. By the end of 1933 he was reduced to making illustrations for Modern Mechanix. He reportedly was so distraught that he took to drawing square airfields and cartoons of “Whistling Beacons that Mark Airfields for Blind Landings” in a desperate cry for help.

  3. Toronto says: January 28, 20106:04 pm

    Nope – Sid Smith drew “The Gumps” (you can see them in the photo.) That was a pretty popular strip in its day, and it lasted until 1959.

    They even made a couple of films based on the strip.

  4. John Savard says: January 28, 20106:33 pm

    Yes, I thought I recognized the cartoon character in the ad, and so I searched the Web and found information on that famous old comic. Although still humorous, it introduced the idea of having things happen to the characters in the comic from one day to the next, instead of each strip simply being one new gag in isolation.

  5. docca says: January 28, 20107:56 pm

    A biography can be found here:


  6. Scott B. says: January 29, 201010:04 am

    Sad to know that illustrators in the ’20s were making more than I make now illustrating. I’d eat a bug to be making 10 grand in 1920’s inflation-adjusted dollars. Or even ad-hyperbole-adjusted dollars.

  7. Toronto says: January 29, 20106:28 pm

    Scott- don’t look up what Al Capp or Chic Young made, then. You’ll get really depressed.

  8. GaryM says: January 30, 20109:44 am

    “Federal Schools.” I guess in the post-World War I years, making people think they had something to do with the federal government was considered an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

  9. Lidian says: January 30, 201011:14 am

    Thank you so much once again for a most inspiring ad!


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