Cut Your Cost of Candlepower (Sep, 1914)

Cut Your Cost of Candlepower

The same quantity of electricity that makes 16 candlepower of light in an old fashioned carbon lamp will make 56 candlepower in a National Mazda lamp,—
—more than triple light for equal cost!
—40 candlepower absolutely free!

Standards of Service (Apr, 1917)

Standards of Service

In rural communities clusters of mail delivery boxes at the crossroads evidence Uncle Sam’s postal service. Here the neighbors trudge from their homes—perhaps a few yards, perhaps a quarter mile or so—for their mail.

Comprehensive as is the government postal system, still the service rendered by its mail carriers is necessarily restricted, as the country dweller knows.

Hips rolled away in 20 minutes a day (Nov, 1934)

Hips rolled away in 20 minutes a day

Back come curves—graceful, womanly curves. Once more fashion recognizes a natural girlish, youthful figure as being more beautiful, more smart than all the artificial figures she tried to produce.

MOLD your body to alluring lines. Get rid of unnatural bulging hips—huge unlovely arms and thighs—lose that double chin—do all these easily.

In 20 minutes a day you can do all that an expensive masseuse could do for you in many weeks of hammering and pounding. Science has discovered a way—an almost magical method of taking off pounds where pounds SHOULD be lost. Fit your figure to the most modish gowns, become a “model” of loveliness and charm.

let’s see…There are eyes, and eyes! (Sep, 1951)

Well, there are certainly eyes that grope the world…

let’s see…

There are eyes, and eyes!

There are eyes that grope in a world of blurs and double images… neglected eyes, straining to see, plaguing their owners with untold misery. Then there are eyes that really see! Eyes, so bright, so clear, they add a plus value to everything in life. They are a precision tool on the production line, speeding the job, guarding against accidents.

Can a Man Be as Strong as a Lion? (Mar, 1922)

Can a Man Be as Strong as a Lion?

Perhaps not; but Edwin Checkley believes that, weight for weight, a man should be just as strong as a Lion.

“The significant thing in connection with brute creatures is that they do not have athletics. The lion keeps his marvelous strength without extraordinary effort. And so with other beasts. Their natural habits keep them in condition.”

Checkley proves that it is possible for you to become perfectly healthy and phenomenally strong by natural means—without apparatus, without strenuous exercise and without dieting.

THRILL with Young America (Jun, 1949) (Jun, 1949)

THRILL with Young America


Dodge gives you the first new Sports Roadster… a new value-packed 2-door Sedan… a new 3-passenger Coupe… for just a few dollars more than the lowest priced cars.

You’ll have to see it to believe it! Even then, you’ll wonder how the exciting new Dodge Wayfarer can be priced so low.

This is a true Air-line Car; therefore Beautiful (May, 1934)

This is a true Air-line Car; therefore Beautiful

Efficient streamlining is always beautiful. It is no accident that the swiftest birds are always the most graceful

Director, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, New York City, says, “Smooth lines and improved visual appearance are associated with Hupmobile’s reduced air resistance.”

Many have talked about it.

Some have tried to achieve it. But, in the opinion of most authorities, only Hupp has built it… the true Aero-dynamic car… a car that inevitably combines rare beauty and new efficiency.

you could buy hanes underwear with BOTH EYES SHUT (Oct, 1930)

you could buy hanes underwear with BOTH EYES SHUT

Biggest VALUES for 25 YEARS!

Ask your wife to examine Hanes winter underwear. In three seconds, with her eyes closed and merely by “touch,” she would be sure of its unusual quality. The hanespun cotton is soft, pleasantly fleecy but lacks any “scratch.

“I’ll be with You Next Week in my New Heath Parasol” (Oct, 1930)

“I’ll be with You Next Week in my New Heath Parasol”

say thousands of new builders of America’s most popular sport plane. Start building your Parasol now for only $12.00!

This week, next week, every week —more and more Heath Parasols are in the air offering new thrills and new pleasures to countless thousands who never before could afford to fly. Some of these new flyers have long waited for a light plane offering complete safety with ease of handling. Others have been waiting for a truly dependable plane— at a cost they could afford. To both groups — the Heath Parasol now opens the airways of America for the first time in aviation history.



The picture above could only have been taken with a Hasselblad.

Because Hasselblads are the only still cameras to have photographed a man on the moon.

They arc undeniably expensive.

But when it costs 355 million dollars to get to the location, and when getting there happens to be one of mankind’s greatest achievements, you want to make sure you’ll come up with the goods. (Or down, in this case.) Of course, the cameras that went to the moon had to be specially modified, which naturally made them even more expensive.