Songbirds for Food (Sep, 1936)

Songbirds for Food

Hundreds of thousands of migratory songbirds are being snared and trapped for use as food in Northern Italy.

BECAUSE of shortage of meat, partly forced through the League of Nations sanctions against Italy, the trapping and shooting of migratory songbirds has been lately revived on the Asiago Plateau in Northern Italy.

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds (Jul, 1940)

Is it just me, or does that cat look fake? If there is one thing the internet should be good at, it’s determining the authenticity of cat pictures. After all, that is what it’s made of (video).

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds

A DOG that adopted twin mice, a cat that mothers a bloodhound, and a parrot that is chummy with a St. Bernard—these are the strange animal relationships pictured on this page

Fishing for Oil (Sep, 1936)

Fishing for Oil

A very valuable oil, for watches and fine machinery, is obtained from the blubber of the “blackfish”—which is really not a fish, but a species of small whale, attaining a length of 30 feet and weighing three tons or more.

THE average person, hearing of a “blackfish,” imagines it to be an ordinary fish, about the size of a herring. But there are many fish called “black-fish” and one of them (sometimes called the “pilot-whale”) is not a fish at all, but a mammal (a species of small whale). A full-grown blackfish averages 30 feet in length and weighs about 3 tons.

Would You Believe It? Oddities from Many Lands (Sep, 1936)

Would You Believe It? Oddities from Many Lands

Another “Death Ray”?

“DEATH-RAY” inventors are legendary. Each strives to produce some mysterious “ray” which will kill at a distance. Mr. Henry Fleur claims to have invented a machine to do this and, according to press reports, proved that he could kill snakes, lizards and termites. Although heat may kill at a distance, no new ray has been discovered to date and the known ones, even in combination, are not “death rays,” in the accepted meaning of this term.

A Hand-to-Hand Combat with Sea Monsters (Oct, 1937)

It’s about time someone took a stand against those vicious killer turtles! Everyone knows what happens when you let them get out of control.

A Hand-to-Hand Combat with Sea Monsters

HAVING taken upon himself the occupation of slaughtering deep sea monsters, armed with no other weapon than a knife, Wallace Casewell, officiating captain and constable of Panama City, Florida, a well built chap in his early forties, has spent years in this dangerous and not exactly lucrative hobby —and all because he claims that, as a boy, he conceived a vital dislike and disdain for sharks, turtles, swordfish and other sea killers.

Inventors’ Brain Children (Oct, 1937)

I don’t think Press-On Nails would have sold as well if they were called “artificial horn”. Of course, if you grew up watching TV in the 80’s then there really is only one brand of nails (video) worth talking about.

Inventors’ Brain Children

Many inventors vied with each other for public favor when they exhibited working or other models at the recent annual convention of the nation’s inventors, held in New York. Some of the most outstanding devices of popular interest are illustrated on the accompanying pages.

Automatic Chicken-Plucker (Aug, 1929)

If you want to see a rather disturbing, yet captivating, video that shows how insanely scaled up modern food-animal production has become, watch this clip from the movie Samsara. If you’d like a video with a more vintage feel, check out the amazing “This is Hormel” from the always awesome Prelinger Archives at

Automatic Chicken-Plucker

Application of the principle of the vacuum sweeper lias been applied to this device shown below so that it automatically plucks fowl in a few minutes time. The bird is held against a rotary “grill”, enclosed in a cylinder, through which suction passes as in a sweeper. As the feathers are separated by the air current, they come in contact with a metal plate, equipped with several catchers which pluck the feathers and fine down when rotating.

‘Hydrophobia Skunk a Fake Myth (Jul, 1932)

If it’s a fake myth, does that make it true?

‘Hydrophobia Skunk a Fake Myth

THE dreaded “hydrophobia skunk” of the southwestern states is both an affectionate pet and a valuable helper in keeping down field mice, insects and other harmful creatures.

Phonograph Records Teach Parrots to Talk in One Week (Sep, 1931)

I want to see a parrot opera. Modern parrots seem to prefer dubstep or K-Pop.

Phonograph Records Teach Parrots to Talk in One Week

PETER JENSEN, a veteran bird trainer at the Luna Park zoo, Los Angeles, has simplified the task of teaching parrots to talk.



Unruly bears are taken for a ride at the Yosemite National Park. If Bruin becomes troublesome, a novel “patrol wagon” appears, in the shape of a large section of corrugated pipe sealed at one end and fitted with a trapdoor.