Dog Tongs (Jul, 1960)


QUESTION: What is this guy doing to the terrier—measuring him for a seersucker suit?
Clue: No. The answer is below, upside down.

The Golden Hamster (Apr, 1948)

The Golden Hamster

These little rodent breed four times as fast us guinea pigs, can contract more human diseases than any other animal. No wonder scientists are excited

A DOCTOR in Fort Worth, Texas, is having a feud with his nurse over a pair of Golden Hamsters he bought for laboratory experiments. She argues that the friendly little beasts are too cute, and won’t give them up for any lab work. But the doctor is fascinated by the unique laboratory value of the creatures and insists that they be sacrificed for science.

Desert Animals “Shot” by Cactus Cameraman (Apr, 1931)

Desert Animals “Shot” by Cactus Cameraman

A CACTUS plant recently went for a stroll in the desert and came back with a remarkable collection of photographs, some of which are presented on this page.

Of course, this perambulating cactus plant was all a delusion and a snare, as many of the coy inhabitants of the Mexican border will learn when they see their portraits in print for the first time.

it’s a RAT RACE! (Apr, 1948)

it’s a RAT RACE!

HIGH prices, hard scrambling for the daily dollar got you hectic? Life may be a real rat race for you, but rat racing is just the life for Edward Moffitt of San Francisco. He lines up six favorites from his unique stable of 80 albino racing rats and adjusts the dials on his mechanical racetrack. Bong! There’s the starting bell.

Dog Leash on Spring Reel Plays Fido Like a Fish (Jan, 1941)

Dog Leash on Spring Reel Plays Fido Like a Fish

A leash attached to a spring-operated reel is a new wrinkle for dog owners. Encased in a light but sturdy aluminum housing, the reel carries twelve feet of waterproofed leash strong enough to hold a great Dane yet light enough for use with a Pekinese.

It’s a Dog-Gone STRANGE WORLD! (Jul, 1950)

This is one of the longest articles I’ve ever seen in Mechanix Illustrated.

It’s a Dog-Gone STRANGE WORLD!

Here are some of the darnedest breeds of dogs you ever saw. They do everything from diving for fish to rooting up the fabulous truffle.

By Douglas Kennedy

THE fisherman teetered dangerously-on the slippery rock out in the surf. He had just latched onto a 30-pound bass. But in all the excitement of hooking the big fish he had gotten his line fouled up and nearly plunged headlong into the chilly sea.

As he struggled for a footing, he yelled for his dog on the shore. The animal dashed into the water and dived under the surface. A moment later he came up with the escaping bass flopping helplessly in his jaws. Quickly the dog swam back and deposited his catch up on the beach, then helped tow his master safely ashore.



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And thus a meme was born.


Form is everything in this most exhilarating of water sports. Back straight. Limbs tucked tight. Tail leveled out. Now a quick blast of power and away you go in a foamy streak. Once the basics are mastered, any old dog can turn the trick. In fact Peanuts, the enthusiastic Miami water buff introduced here, eschews the usual requirements of skis, tow line and high-speed towboat. When the urge strikes, he simply sprints to the water’s edge, splashes through the shallows, hurls himself into the air and puts on a show of skiing that would earn applause even at Cypress Gardens.



In remote corners of the earth, cut off from the rest of the world for countless centuries, scientists are discovering strange creatures that survived from the days of the cave men


TWO swift airplanes, as this is written, are speeding across southwestern states toward the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Riding in the cabins are members of an expedition from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. They will attempt to scale the precipitous cliffs of Shiva Temple and reach the lost-world plateau at its top, where they hope to find strange prehistoric forms of life which have survived their ages of isolation.

Dog Wagon DeLuxe (Jan, 1959)

Dog Wagon DeLuxe
DOWN Missouri way professional handler Bill Wunderlich of Wentzville hauls his valuable field trial dogs in a Ford Ranchero, “customized” to house seven dogs, each one with a private, ventilated kennel carpeted with cedar shavings. John Mueller of St. Louis designed the $1,100 custom coach-work which weighs only 500 lbs. •