You and your telephone (Mar, 1969)

You and your telephone


Trying to reach a friend by phone the other day, I got the busy signal five times in a row. The first few times I fumed—there’s something about that frustrating buzz that sets my nerves on edge—but by the fourth try I was amused, remembering how, just a few days before, she and I had been on the phone at least half an hour, talking about a party we’d both been to.

Dolls Dance to Radio Music (Mar, 1932)

Dolls Dance to Radio Music

FROM Germany comes the latest radio novelty. It is a platform upon which a group of dolls dance to the tune of music issuing from your radio receiver.

The device is a mystery until you understand the dance platform is caused to vibrate by means of a small needle which connects with a headphone, as illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

This headphone is connected up with your radio receiver, so that the same current sounds the music and excites the dancers. The effect of the contrivance is extremely fascinating.

“I’ve just had my eyes opened… to the fact that some of our business problems were really communications problems!” (Apr, 1965)

“I’ve just had my eyes opened… to the fact that some of our business problems were really communications problems!”

An active business is constantly changing. It broadens its products, expands its market, hires more people, gains more customers, faces more competition. And with these changes come problems.

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier (May, 1932)

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier

LOUD speakers which are placed in or on top of your receiving set cabinet are now being supplanted by a new amplifier that hangs from the ceiling like a beautiful metal chandelier.

The new amplifier is made up of a number of tone tubes which not only amplify the sounds but also give musical notes a rich tone. Each tube tones one note. Any electrical connection may be used between receiving set and chandelier.

No-finger dialing (Apr, 1971)

No-finger dialing

It’s here at last—relief for your throbbing dialing finger. Just slip this plastic card into Bell Labs’ experimental dialer phone and the number is dialed automatically. The card could also be used to transmit information over telephone lines to computers, or even to check bank balances.

down to the last component SONY CB-901 spells quality (Aug, 1962)

down to the last component SONY CB-901 spells quality


Unlike ordinary Citizens Band transceivers, there are certain distinct advantages in owning the SONY CB-901 fully transistorized unit. One of the most important is the separate speaker and microphone, rather than the combined speaker-microphone found in other sets. This means greater ease in operating and superior clarity in transmission and reception.

What the Sputniks Said (Jul, 1958)

What the Sputniks Said

Russian scientists disclose how radio waves travel from their satellites to earth

By A. J. Steiger

Radio LISTENERS who tracked the earth-circling travels of Sputnik I have reported new discoveries in short-wave propagation, including a round-the-world echo, according to preliminary findings published in a recent issue of Radio, a Russian popular electronics journal.

What the Sputniks discovered about prospects for using solar power to operate space vehicle instruments is also discussed in the Moscow journal. These reports on Russia’s pioneer space vehicles’ discoveries, the first to be published, are translated here.

It seems impossible today… but it will be so tomorrow! (Dec, 1942)

It seems impossible today… but it will be so tomorrow!

Our entire resources are at the command of our National Government… we are doing our utmost to fulfill the demands of our various military services by supplying precision- built radio communications equipment.

Are Helping to Win the War

HARVEY-WELLS Communications inc

For Specialized Radio Communications Equipment

Call Indicator for Telephone (May, 1931)

Call Indicator for Telephone
THE numbers dialed on automatic telephones can now be recorded on a call indicator device invented by William Green-berg of Portland, Ore. In the center of the regular telephone dial is a space where the numbers being dialed are reproduced, showing what number is being called, and warning immediately of any error. Pressing a small button at the top of the device clears the figures for the next call.



Sound-powered telephones make superlative yuletide toys


SURE THEY WORK—and you don’t even need batteries! What are they? Just a pair of sound-powered telephones that are certain to turn a couple of kids into a pair of happy hooligans for many a fun-time session. And what’s the secret? There really isn’t any— other than the fact that a crystal earphone will work as either an earphone or a microphone, depending on whether you talk or listen.